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I Raised A Sick And Weak Prince- C1

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She didn’t know why, Suxi had bad luck recently.

She almost got hit by a car when she was walking. She could choke on plain boiled water.

That was all.

Three days ago, she took part in the long-distance running project at the sports meeting. She was about to reach the end of the race and bask in a glorious moment. However, she stumbled over a small stone and fell in front of her classmates into dog excrement,

Not only that, when she stood up, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle and limped to the infirmary with the help of her classmates in a cold sweat. Only then did she find out that her right ankle was broken.

For a hundred days, Su Xi had to lie down in the hospital.

At this time, it was the second year of high school. Although Suxi had two friends who she got along with in class, they could not drop their studies and visit her often.

Not to mention Suxi’s father and mother, they were so busy with work at the end of the year that they could only leave Suxi alone in the hospital and come back to visit her after work.

Suxi laid alone on the bed, her phone by her side, while she used a gel pen to paint her cast black, sighing with boredom.

She opened the app store and planned to download two games to play. Suddenly, she was attracted by an old fashioned game called “The Way to the Emperor: The Sick Prince Adores You Alone”.

The name of this game was a bit shameful, it looked very crude.

But what attracted Suxi was the introduction of the game——

“Do you want to transfer? Want to get Koi? Want to be the luckiest person in life? Then play this game! The unique experience lets you know what the emperor’s favor is! Special experience feedback makes you lucky! “

Suxi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Not that she was superstitious, but she had been unlucky since she was young.

Although her family had no worries about food and clothing since childhood, with excellent performance, and her family life was safe and stable, but there were many disasters.

From broken bones to cutting her hand with a pencil, it happened every few days. Making Suxi almost doubt life.

Recently, she was in the hospital.

Suxi couldn’t help but click open the game download, anyway she was idle.

The game was soon downloaded, and the memory occupied by the mobile phone was not large, only a few megabytes. However, after the game was quickly loaded, Suxi was stunned.

Could trillions of games be made so well? This roof-even a few tiles could be counted clearly, it looked almost the same as reality, how many artists were exhausted? !!

The first game interface was the roof of a room with snow on it. It looked like a cold winter day. There were holes in the roof, letting the cold wind enter the room.

Suxi turned her eyes to the room, only to find that the room was in fact shabby and only palm-sized. There was only a wooden bed covered with straw and a thin sheet, which made people shiver with cold.

In addition, there was only one cabinet, which was closed. She didn’t know what was in it.

There was no desk or stool in the whole room. On such a cold day, the wood door was open and creaked.

Suxi put on headphones, heart pounding, the sound of the wooden door creaking in the snow was too real!

She didn’t know where the game started. She poked left and right on the interface, trying to find the key to do something

Just then, the wood door was pushed open, and a small boy in a thin cloth came back wet with a few chopped firewoods.

Although it was a drawn figure, he seemed to be tired.

 As he put down the firewood, he rolled up his sleeves and revealed a small, pale arm with a few things she did not know whether it was whip marks or something.

Suxi couldn’t see clearly, so she wanted to take a closer look, but the game interface immediately popped up-

“If you want to see the face of the prince clearly, you need to spend 20 gold coins. Your current account balance is only 10 gold coins. Please recharge and consume.”

Suxi immediately: “……”

A profiteer! The main character of the game won’t show his face! Recharge more?

Wasn’t this just a cartoon character, what was the big deal?

I don’t want to see!

When she saw the little man put down the firewood, he immediately dragged his tired body out of the house and went out to cut more wood outside the yard.

His black hair was still dripping with water, and as he walked on, he left traces of water on the ground.

This winter, how could this person survive such a difficult situation?

Suxi tried to poke at the little man’s head, thinking that according to general games, it should be possible to click on the little man and name him, but once again a box popped up-

“If you want to get the prince’s real name, you need to spend 2 gold coins. Your current account balance still has 10 gold coins. Do you want to spend 2 gold coins to get his real name? Of course, you can also modify the nickname, and the system will recommend several domineering names for you, such as Aotian Long, Ye Liangchen and Xuanyuan … “

Suxi: “…..No, no, no, no, the real name is good.”

Just as she said yes, her gold coin was deducted 2 in the upper right corner, and a profile was added in the upper left corner.

Suxi stayed silent for a second:…

Could this game be voice controlled? Was there an AI system inside? Like Siri?

Suxi soon turned her attention to the young man again.

The main character of the game was called Lu Huan. There were two lines under it, one was the lifeline and the other was the physical strength line.

Obviously, the physical strength of the little game player was running out, and the lines had turned pale at 10%.

Moreover, as the little game character kept busy working, his physical strength continued to decline.

Suxi was still scared at first, afraid that his physical strength would drop to zero in the next second, and then he would die. But unexpectedly, although he had so little physical strength left, he persevered for a long time.

He continued to climb up the roof to repair it.

Then he went out again, but Suxi was unable to unlock other maps for the time being. All she could see was this hut, so she didn’t know where he had gone, but when she saw him coming back, the clothes on his back seemed to be torn, and there were two more marks similar to those on his arms. His steps faltered, in a word, it seemed very messy.

According to the brief introduction of the game, Suxi guessed that Lu Huan was the bastard son in the Ning wangfu. He was despised by others. Her main task was to work with him to achieve the emperor’s dominance.

However, Suxi was still at a loss as to what had happened to him and how to play the game.

The time in the game seemed to flow faster than the reality, and it got dark in a twinkling of an eye.

Suxi saw that the little game player was still busy, and the game interface could not be poked anywhere, so she felt a little bored. At the right moment, the nurse called her for lunch, so she dropped her mobile phone and limped to the hospital canteen.

The food in the hospital was delicious. Suxi ate two bowls of rice and came back to take a nap. When she woke up, she saw that her cell phone was still on, which reminded her of the game.

She was already bored and planned to delete the junk game, but suddenly….

She saw that it was already late at night in the game, and the villain who had been busy during the day was lying motionless on that hardboard bed, the thin quilt could not stop the cold wind, and the door panel was creaking loudly.

 Why didn’t he move—?

Suxi poked him, but he turned over, his skin paler than during the day, he looked pale.

What happened?

No way, what a spicy game, showing the protagonist sleeping to me?

  However, Suxi soon found out why. Only 30% was left in the upper left corner of the life bar, while the physical bar dropped from 10% during the day to 1%, close to none.

Suxi immediately panicked.

Was the little game player sick?  Had a fever? !

How could he not get sick when he was so tired and restless during the day and still did so much work while wet?

Suxi suddenly felt that the spicy game was quite logical. She watched the life line in the upper left corner become smaller and smaller. She was a little anxious. Before she started playing, the main character was going to die. The little prince was too delicate!!

She couldn’t help poking left and poking right, trying to see if there was any hidden cold medicine or something, but rummaging around the room, she found nothing but two shabby faded thin white robes in the wardrobe.

The prince was too….poor.

Suxi fell silent, clicked on the map and tried to look elsewhere, but in the morning, the map had not been unlocked. However, there was a bright light, which should be the courtyard that had been unlocked.

She quickly opened it and found that it was a small bridge, flowing water, rockery and winding corridor, and a very unique rich courtyard, which was completely different from the woodshed where the young man lived.  Candlelit lanterns were very bright in the courtyard, and there was a conversation between two servants.

“That dog, the second master taught him a lesson during the day! Isn’t he a sick ghost? Let him enter the cold and bitter pool, swallow bubbles, and die earlier, which is also a merit!”

“I say, take it easy, although this bastard is a bastard, but look at his fierce resistance to the butler’s whipping today, I am afraid he will change his fortune in future.”

“Change fortune, him?  Bah, I don’t think he can change fortunes in his life! “

  Large chunks of text emerged on the interface. Suxi’s face twitched. What the hell were these two gossiping servants?  It turned out that the main character was wet today and almost got a fever, which was caused by them.

If her game character died, she blamed them!

Suxi was indignant and wanted to poke at the two men, but the map had not been unlocked. She could not see and had to go back to the woodshed bitterly.

After hearing the two men playing tricks on the main character and belittling him, Suxi went back to see the little game player lying on the bed with his face as white as paper. She curled up her limbs and shrank into the corner of the wall because of the cold, as if she had lost consciousness. Her heart felt a little pity and guilt for her little game player.

According to the principle, she should take good care of the little game player during the day, and there should be some hidden ways to prevent him from continuing to work so that he would not get sick and have a fever.

Out of guilt, Suxi went on rummaging around the house for medicine.

  But she still couldn’t find it.

She couldn’t help poking at the little man again.

Just then, a white bubble appeared on the top of her little man’s head.


Lu Huan called out with dry and pale lips, because his throat was burning with fever.

He reluctantly opened his eyes and pressed the back of his hand against his eyes. After a while, he tried his best to support himself and sat up. When he got out of bed, he was exhausted and fell down at once.

  Suxi tried to help, but her finger poked at the little man’s back, and instead he fell back down.

She: “…”

Suxi did not dare to move again, and the little game player obviously did not know that there was an external force, but only thought that he was sick and weak.

He got up and staggered to the windowsill.

The interface popped up: “Do you want to use 3 gold coins for water storage?”

Suxi was furious and crossed out the interface, she could find it.

Water, water, water! Pour water quickly! Knowing that this was a task, she hurriedly looked for water in the room. Fortunately, she still remembered that Lu Huan had carried water during the day. Sure enough, there was only a bucket in the corner and the teapot on the windowsill was empty. She tried to drag the bucket-

The horizontal slot, drag!

Suxi was delighted and felt that she was about to find the way to play the game, so she dragged the bucket to the edge of the teapot and poured water into it.

The moment the water was poured into it, a message popped up:

“Congratulations on getting 5 gold coins, because the task is relatively simple, you  get 0 points reward. Please continue to make persistent efforts to assist the protagonist in his journey to become emperor from five aspects: skills, interpersonal relationship, external, physical quality and main line. 10 reward points can be exchanged for one koi. “

What reward?


Suxi didn’t take it to heart at this time, thinking it was just a spun yarn of the game.

She was still thinking about the problem of water.

Although it was cold water, it should be the water fetched by Lu Huan during the day. It could be drunk, but it was a little bit iced.

But letting the sick youth drink ice water, how pitiful was that.

Suxi was wondering how to boil hot water in this game, Lu Huan was dazed. He picked up the crude teapot, drank two drinks, relieving the heat in his throat, then slowly put the teapot back to its original position.

 What was happening?

Lu Huan stared doubtfully at his teapot.

He clearly remembered that he was tired after coming back from the mountain three miles away because of the difficulties caused by Liu Wenxiu. He laid down and rested for a while, but did not pour water into the teapot.

But now, how could there be water in the teapot?



Ning Wanfu is prince’s mansion

Koi basically means someone who wins in life without really trying, thanks to sheer luck.

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  3. Oh my gosh! The premise for this novel is so intriguing! (It reminds me of that silly app game, talking Tom where you have to feed, wash, and play with him to keep him happy, lol) I too would like if there was a real life app game like this where you raise a little shota into becoming a man.

    Ahhhh! I’m so excited to see how the plot progresses! Thank you so much for translating this for us strangers to read

  4. Oh my gosh! The premise for this novel is so intriguing! (It reminds me of that silly app game, talking Tom where you have to feed, wash, and play with him to keep him happy, lol) I too would like if there was a real life app game like this where you raise a little shota into becoming a man.

    Ahhhh! I’m so excited to see how the plot progresses! Thank you so much for translating this for us strangers to read

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