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Pretty Her — 2

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Just walking in, Ruan Nuo pretended to stop and bent down to pick up the handbag she had deliberately dropped.

A pair of beautiful legs, white, thin and tender, lined with the right length of a short skirt, made everyone stunned.

Before Chen Yin could react, his body had already taken the first step. He picked up the handbag on the floor and smiled at Ruan Nuo with his usual warm smile: “I ordered your favorite dish, sweet and spicy. I’m sure you like it. “

Chen Yin was this good. No matter the circumstances, he could maintain a courteous and considerate attitude, giving people a feeling of spring breeze.

For example, now, without Ruan Nuo opening her mouth, he had taken the initiative to pull open the leather armchair for her, spread out the triangular napkin on her leg, set up a set of fine purple sand teapot on the table beside her.

The host did not like drinking, so she liked drinking tea.

Chen Yin, who grew up in a honey pot, was proficient in eating, drinking and playing. He was also a good strategist of people’s hearts.

The host had been associated with him for a year, and Chen Yin had almost praised the host to heaven since this year. But he doted on his girlfriend only out of a habit. He had no intent.

For the host who was an orphan, for the first time someone had been so kind to her, so she had been thinking about Chen Yin so much that when she committed suicide, her mouth still spoke Chen Yin’s name.

Ruan Nuo returned from her thoughts, lightly glancing at the youth  in front of her. The way she looked at him, there was no love, only enjoyment.

Unlike her host, she had never loved anyone but herself. The heart was unreliable, only happiness was the most important.

The girl lowered her eyes, bit her lips lightly, and her weak shoulders trembled slightly. “I can’t eat spicy food, can I change the food?”

Chen Yin immediately understood.

She had just been discharged from the hospital and was not feeling well. It was his negligence.

After he ordered another meal, his eyes involuntarily glued to the girl opposite him.

He thought that after such a thing, she would make a big noise today. Everything was his fault, he did not want to escape, although he did not love her, but it was not his intention to make her sad.

He had already made preparations for her crazy revenge on him, but unexpectedly, she made no sign of wanting to tear him apart.

Chen Yin took a deep breath, thought for half an hour, and then took the initiative to say, “Don’t hold it back. If you feel angry, you can spill it out. You’ve suffered. I’m sorry. “

The girl raised her face, her eyes turned and pointed to the wine on the table. “I want to water your face with that.”

… Originally she didn’t intend to be polite with him.

But her tone was too soft, her eyes were delicate and touching, Chen Yin didn’t think there was any problem with her request.

That was what he deserved.

When the wine poured on his head, Chen Yin sat quietly on his seat and asked sweetly, “Do you want to pour the second bottle?” I’ll order another bottle. “

Ruan Nuo touched the young man’s chin with the wine bottle and asked, “I want to hit you with this.”

Chen Yin swallowed, then said: “Then you tap … tap…”

Although he loved playing, he had the courage to bear all the consequences.

Ruan Nuo dropped the bottle, Chen Yin was relieved, but then she slapped him.

Chen Yin: “Hey?”

Ruan Nuo slapped him again.

Chen Yin stopped talking.

Two slaps were worth a bottle.

Ruan Nuo rubbed her hand. “It really hurts.”

The girl’s frowning and petulant expression was bright and moving. She has just done something provocative to him, but he thought she was very gentle.

This was not the Ruan Nuo from his memories, she was like a changed person. The face was still the same, but her temperament was completely different. Chen Yin didn’t think much because he didn’t pay attention to Ruan Nuo before. In his position, Ruan Nuo was a clever and obedient vase girlfriend. He didn’t need to know her inner self.

Chen Yin couldn’t help coming forward, he bowed his head and blew it for her. “I’m sorry, I have thick skin.” After he was slapped by a girl for the first time, he felt pity for the pain in her hands and even felt sorry.

Ruan Nuo conveniently gave him two slaps.

Chen Yin received the slaps with a smile.

After the fight, Ruan Nuo sat down and went straight to the topic: “You called me here. It must be for more than an apology.”

Chen Yin was thinking about how to bring up the topic, he suddenly heard her take the initiative to mention it, he felt uneasy.

He grew up with girls, so he knew how to deal with them perfectly, so they wouldn’t complain about him after breaking up. But Ruan Nuo, his ex-girlfriend, was different.

She loved him too much. And he, hurt her too hard.

Chen Yin gathered his thoughts, “Ruan Nuo, I know you don’t want to break up …” Even after being sent to the hospital after an accident, Ruan Nuo still clutched his sleeve tightly and said that she would not break up with him even if she died.

Before Chen Yin could finish, Ruan Nuo interrupted him: “Who said I didn’t want to break up with you? Player like you, if we don’t break up, won’t you keep playing?”

Chen Yin was speechless and his inner emotions were complicated.

Before coming, his new sweetheart Shen Ru laid tearfully on his chest and said with a face filled with grievances that if Ruan Nuo refused to let go, she would like for him return to Ruan Nuo temporarily until Ruan Nuo’s mood stabilized and they would consider the future.

Shen Ru was a scheming girl. He knew that she said those words in order to advance, but he didn’t care. There was nothing wrong with a woman trying to please a man.

He liked Shen Ru very much. She was smart and beautiful. She knew when to advance and retreat. The most important thing was that he could keep it open in bed.

Ruan Nuo’s soft voice spoke out. She tapped Chen Yin’s hand with chopsticks in an indifferent tone: “Mr. Chen, when talking about cheating and breaking up with your ex-girlfriend, please pay attention.”

Chen Yin suddenly lifted his eyes. Her eyes were smiling, but there was no smile on her face.

Mr. chen.

Polite alienation, like she was addressing a stranger.

Chen Yin heart thumped. She was not being calculating like Shen Ru. She really wanted to break up with him.

He got what he wanted, but it was a little sour. The love she gave him was not even equal to his mother. Unfortunately, he did not love her and could not feel her deep feelings.

He just wanted to play. Having a good time with both of them, he did whatever he wanted. When he was hooking up with Shen Ru, it happened to be when Ruan Nuo said she wanted to marry him.

He was only 20 years old, young and handsome, and his family was well-off. The word “marriage” struck him and made him tremble with fear.

Chen Yin returned to the present, took out a card from his bag, and in a sincere voice, “My dad recently gave me a lot of pocket money, I have 6 million working capital. You said to me before that you don’t want to enter the entertainment circle and want to study art instead. This money should be used as my sponsorship for your study abroad. If you need any help in the future, please mention it as long as I can help. “

Ruan Nuo seldom spent his money when she was with him. She didn’t want his gifts or his money, she only wanted his love.

He thought she would not accept his money.

But he didn’t expect- “6 million, not even enough for a small apartment on New York’s Upper East Side.” The girl’s lips were red and her teeth were white. The corners of her mouth drew a mocking arc. “Chen Yin, are you giving too little money to prostitute yourself? “

Chen Yin had always been respectable in the matter of men and women’s intercourse. For the first time, someone had attached the word whoring to him. And this person was Ruan Nuo who loved him very much not long ago.

Chen Yin felt some panic, his face was red from embarrassment, “How much do you want? I’ll call you later.”

Ruan Nuo leaned forward slightly, holding the card between her slender white index finger and middle finger. She looked at his tender face with interest. “I’m joking. Look at you, you’re scared. You’ve gone green.” With the card in her hand, she glanced at his thin lips and changed her tone,” Thank you, Mr. Chen. “

The beauty was fragrant and soft, red lips were like fire.

Chen Yin’s heart leapt and he quickly looked away. He took the cup on the table and gulped water. It was so hot that the tip of his tongue blistered and he hissed in pain.

When leaving, Chen Yin offered to send her back. Ruan Nuo gently swept her hair out of her face and smiled: “No, I don’t want to have any contact with you any more.”

“Then … I will contact you when you go abroad.” Chen Yin stood awkwardly, his chest pounding. Until Ruan Nuo disappeared from view, he stayed standing and looked around.

For a long time, he remained still, thinking of the break up scene, in hindsight, he was surprised. He regretted breaking up with her. Today’s Ruan Nuo seemed to be completely transformed.

It turned out that when a woman didn’t love a man, she really became charming.

Chen Yin shook his head and tried to sober himself up and reminded himself not to be a b**ch. He, Chen Yin, absolutely was not going back.

In the taxi, Bai Dao suddenly appeared and sat beside Ruan Nuo in a transparent state.

“Chen Yin’s favorable opinion has changed from 40 to 50.” He hesitated for half a second, then continued with a cold face: “You did very well just now, but do you really not intend to have any contact with Chen Yin again? Let me remind you, the host wants Chen Yin to feel regret, unforgettable love, if you … “

Without waiting for Bai Dao to finish, she threw an impatient look at him and said, ” Lord Bai Dao, no one can be more handy than me in matters of love. Please quietly appreciate how I have successfully completed the task, ok?”

The tone was arrogant, but her voice was charming and could not be disliked. Bai Dao was silent for a moment, leading the topic to the host’s second wish: “You are a helpless orphan now. It is impossible to fight against Shen Ru who is backed by Chen Yin. Unless you recapture Chen Yin. “

He opened the record of the previous mission and told her straight away: “Those who have done this mission, without exception, have chosen to make Chen Yin change his mind about breaking up.”

She asked, “Have they all achieved full marks?”

Bai Dao paused, “No.”

She laughed: “That’s not enough. It shows that it is not correct to start with Chen Yin.”

Bai Dao frowned and asked, “I thought you came to meet Chen Yin today to raise his favorable impression.”

Ruan Nuo proudly raised the card in her hand. “I came today to get compensation. With the money, I can go to see a man.”

Bai Dao: ” … A man?”

Ruan Nuo nodded: “Yes, a man more handsome and more golden than Chen Yin.”

Bai Dao had an ominous premonition: “For example?”

Ruan Nuo blinked and her eyes were filled with longing: “The man sitting next to Chen Yin in the picture I saw yesterday.”

Bai Dao immediately remembered who she was talking about. Shen Shi’s youngest son, Shen Feng’an, was the most mysterious child.

Shen Feng’an was a man of outstanding appearance, temperament and family background.

Others were busy making money by investing, while he was busy losing and scattering money. He was the kind of person who spent a lot of money.

The Shen family had always been known for its low profile, never appearing on the news, and no media dared to hit the tip of a knife. Domestic search engines could hardly find the Shen family’s information, while foreign search engines would occasionally have a few, it would be seen for a few days, and then blocked.

Shen Feng’an was the same in the circle as being impossible. Everyone wanted to get in front of him, but few had the courage to follow him. Some were not qualified, and the others were afraid of overreaching.

When Bai Dao thought of her relationship with Chen Yin, he could not help asking, “Are you sure you want to capture him?”

She smiled like a peach blossom: “Mmm.”

Since Shen Ru was backed by Chen Yin, of course she wanted to find someone who was better than Chen Yin as a supporter. It was possible to become famous overnight as long as she was willing to put her mind to it.

Bai Dao commented coldly: “Skilled people are really bold.”

She took out a mirror from her bag and stroked her smooth skin with her fingers. “This is not daring, this is confidence, after all, I am beautiful, aren’t I?”

She knew long ago that beauty was a woman’s best weapon. If a cold heart was added, she would be invincible.


*grew up in a honeypot* — means grew up in in a good home.

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Pretty Her- C1

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The girl who had been in coma for many days finally woke up. At the moment when she opened her eyes, she looked around in bewilderment, and then drew up the corner of her lips in a smile.

At the urging of the nurse, the doctor on duty came to record the course of the girl in the hospital bed.


“Ruan Nuo.”



The doctor was relieved and the information was correct, which indicated that she had no memory loss symptoms at present. After carefully looking at the course records of these days, no other complications were found. In a few days, the patient would be able to leave the hospital smoothly.

The young doctor raised his eyes and suddenly found that the girl in front of him was staring straight at him. Under the sun, the girl’s white skin was like snow and jade, and her clean and delicate facial features were impeccable.

Obviously, it was a patient who had just escaped from a car accident, but her face was not tired. Her facial expression and eyes were like a flower blooming toward the sun, full of vitality and charm from inside and outside.

Beautiful and fresh.

“Doctor, I have a sore wrist. Can you take a look at it for me?” The girl’s voice, as her name implied, was soft and waxy. She actively  passed her hand to the doctor’s palm.

The young doctor’s face turned red, even as he was called the cold flower in the hospital, he could not resist the charm of the girl in front of him. She was really beautiful. The charm that radiated from her was dazzling, and it was impossible to escape.

A few days ago when she was lying unconscious in bed, he never thought that she would be ten times more beautiful than when she was in a coma, oh no, it was a hundred times.

As soon as his hand touched it, it was too late to ask questions. The girl suddenly leaned forward and her voice became a little sweeter. She smiled and said, “Rub it, it won’t hurt.”

The young doctor held his breath and rubbed the wrists of the girl with trembling hands…. “Is it here? “

The girl bit her lower lip and made a “mm” sound.

The young doctor was so worried that he dared not stay any longer for fear that if he stayed for another second, he would be hooked. He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t help staring.

The girl half sat on the sickbed, winked at him and smiled unbridledly but bright and innocent.

An alluring woman as described in the books, even the most beautiful actress now was less than one percent of her.  

The doctor pinched his fingertip, which made him sober up a bit. His heart pounded and he turned away quickly.

After the doctor left, a white man appeared in the air, appearing translucent. Only Ruan Nuo, who had just regained consciousness, could see him.

He waved a flash of white light and the time stopped. Invisible white cages enveloped and isolated them.

“He is not on your list of tasks. You don’t need to bother to seduce him.” The man’s voice was as cold as ice and he looked straight at Ruan Nuo.

 Ruan Nuo looked at the man with the smile that had just charmed the young doctor. “After more than two thousand years, I have to try my charm. Besides, when you came to me, didn’t you just like my ability of seducing people? Master Bai Dao. “

The last four words were light and charming. If ordinary people listened to this call, they would have been intoxicated. But the man in white wasn’t moved at all. He coldly took out a Book of life and death, in a calm voice, read it word by word——

Xia Ji, a woman from the Chen family, Her beauty was known to be unparalleled, became the Queen of Three Kings, became the wives of Seven men. All the nobles wanted her for themselves. All of them turned senseless due to her charm.

Hearing her own name, Xia Ji’s smiled, she leaned to her side lazily and softly, and her face was filled with confusion: “Ah, Lord Bai Dao, why do you mention the old things again? Is it not that she charmed several men?”

She thought of the past, proud as she was, but she had no nostalgia in her eyes.

For her, debauchery was just a kind of resistance to her ruthless fate. History books defined her as the queen of enchantment, and later generations used obscene and indecent words to describe her, but she didn’t care.

Anyway, people would live a lifetime, and it was most important to live happily.

She liked to treat men as toys, playing one after another, which was very interesting. She thought that she would turn into earth and rain after death. Unexpectedly, after two thousand years of loneliness, she was brought back.

Bao Dao looked at the complacent woman in front of him indifferently, and there was a flash of anxiety in her heart.

  Since his master left the rebirth system and left, the system had encountered obstacles. The host refused to let the person whose body value was lower than their own to enter the body. Although it had been successfully repaired, it still needed to be tested.

The reason why Xia Ji was chosen was because the face value of her body could reasonably match the face value of the female lead in each world. And she was a mortal, not a deity, and had no ability to run away like a big devil.

He went on to say: “In order to test the normal operation of the life-saving system after repair, I hereby borrow the soul of Xia Ji and will never return it.”

The words “never return” were extremely hard to bite. After hearing this, Xia Ji reached out and touched the embroidered crane gauze clothing of the system, and rubbed it back and forth softly with her fingers. “Thank you, Lord Bao Dao, for taking me out of the dark place in hell. I will repay you well in the future. “

Bai Dao didn’t look at her, “You don’t have to repay, you can do your best to complete the task. According to the agreement, with the score of each task you complete, you can also get the corresponding reward, which can be used in your real world. “

After coming out of hell, in the real world, she opened her eyes and became a third-rate star 2,000 years later. It was said that this was to facilitate the follow-up tracking and investigation of the life-saving system, so she was given a real body. If no accident occured, she could leave the system and continue to live as a human being.

This deal was really a bargain.

Xia Ji asked cunningly, “Is any reward okay?”

Bai Dao: “Yes.” With that, he raised his hand to restrain her further intimacy. “Please review your host memory as soon as possible. In order to complete the task better, I suggest you devote yourself to your current character.”

Xia Ji sat back again. She stared at him with great interest. “Yes, Lord Bai Dao, from now on, I am Ruan Nuo, not Xia Ji.”

When her voice fell, she closed her eyes and let the memory of the host into her soul.

The host Ruan Nuo, a senior student at the Film Academy, was young and beautiful, she witnessed her beloved boyfriend cheating with her best friend and was unfortunately involved in a car accident.

According to the previous storyline, after the host woke up from a car accident, she became distracted because she could not accept the double blow of the car accident and her boyfriend’s betrayal. When she went to find her boyfriend and her best friend to collect debts, she was framed by her best friend and was exposed by the media as a vicious ex-girlfriend.

 At this time, her best friend had become a minor celebrity in the entertainment circle. Many fans who didn’t know the truth were chasing and scolding the host. Using her boyfriend’s power, her best friend repeatedly described the host as crazy and issued a hospital certificate. The host tried to tell the truth, but no one believed her.

The host was an orphan, living on the legacy left by her parents. She has no relatives to back her up. After being hit hard by life, she became depressed. The depression worsened and she committed suicide soon afterwards.

“I can’t think of it just because I am lovelorn?” Ruan Nuo accepted the memory of her host and all the information of the world at the same time. “I didn’t give up my life when I was in such a difficult environment. she shouldn’t belittle life so much. “

Bai Dao coldly threw out a sentence: “Because she has depression. Depression is a psychological disease. When it occurs, it is beyond her control.”

Ruan Nuo nodded, remembering something, and quickly asked, “Do I have depression now? I have just come to this world and have not played enough. I do not want to be controlled by terrible diseases for the time being.”

  Bai Dao corrected her words: “Your goal is to finish the task, not to have fun. Please face your goal.  Also, as long as you keep a good mood, this body’s depression will not recur. “

Ruan Nuo nodded with satisfaction. With a smile, she rolled up the thin cloth with her fingers and went straight to the point: “Lord Bai Dao, what are the conditions for achieving the task?”

Bai Dao: “Eliminate the resentment of the host.  Some hosts will give clear wishes, while others will not. Considering this is your first task, I chose a simpler one. This host clearly gave two wishes. As long as you fulfill her wishes, you can achieve full marks. “

She couldn’t wait to ask, “What’s her wish?”

  ”First, revenge on her ex-boyfriend and make him regret for life.  Second, replace her best friend and become a popular female star. “

She squinted disapprovingly: “No?  So simple? “

Bai Dao held his hands behind his back, he glanced at her lightly, “I will not provide you with any help except the system’s built-in sky-eye function. I’d like to remind you kindly that in the past ten thousand years, only one person has completed the task with full marks.  As a human soul, you’d better do your best and take your task seriously. “

She stood barefoot on the ground, reaching up to his waist. Bai Dao floating in mid-air, saw her slowly reach out and hug him.

Her tone was filled with self-confidence, and she was so charming that she almost dripped water : “Lord Bai Dao, you will like me, and I will become the most effective host under your name.”

Bai Dao looked away, “Oh.”

Time returned back to the mission world.  Ruan Nuo went through the discharge formalities quickly after being hospitalized and observed for a few days. She swept the young doctor off his feet. In the end, he was plunged into boundless love, but she patted her ass and ran away.

Bai Dao ruthlessly evaluated: “Stubborn.”

Ruan Nuo laid leisurely in her small apartment, “Lord Bai Dao, this is called conquest, not stubborn.  Women are born to conquer men. “

The words had just fallen, the cell phone rang, she picked it up and took a look, the caller was  “Chen Yin”.

It was her cheating ex-boyfriend.

After the phone rang for three seconds, it automatically hung up, and then a short message was sent in.

  -“Shall we meet?”

In the original storyline, the host initially did not agree to meet her ex-boyfriend Chen Yin. She was immersed in great sadness and resentment and was not ready to meet the man she once loved.

She knew how embarrassing it would be.  Later, she went to sort out debts in theory, because she was constantly challenged by her best friend, so she couldn’t bear it.

After sorting out the host’s mental process, Ruan Nuo sighed softly, “What a soft stuffed steamed bun.”

   As she spoke, she sent Chen Yin a text message in response: “Ok, I’ve been wanting to meet you.”

They would meet on Saturday afternoon at a fancy restaurant downtown.

Before the meeting, Ruan Nuo specially took care of herself again.  She had a round figure with a thin waist and long legs. She was the kind of retro-gorgeous girl that could only be seen in the old Hong Kong pictorial. It happened that the host liked to wear the Mori girl style. A long skirt hid her figure and there was nothing left.

Ruan Nuo threw away all the clothes in the host’s wardrobe. The clothes she bought again were only in two colors, black and white.

The more pure and simple the clothes, the more beautiful her temperament could be reflected. Looking for the right style of dressing for a girl was just like going back to the furnace and rebuilding.

If your dressing style was changed, the hairstyle would also change.  She purposely cut off a large part of her black hair length, to her shoulder, and curled it into large curls.

When she finished all this, she called Bai Dao again, and when he saw the person in front of him, he was slightly stunned for half a second.

He could hardly recognize her.

Ruan Nuo pursed her lips and smiled faintly. She looked at him with seductive eyes. “Lord Bai Dao, even you are fascinated by me.”

Bai Dao indifferently spoke: “Again, please face your task.”

There was no denying that she was really … very beautiful.  She was so beautiful that he seemed to be able to see through her soul what she used to look like in absolute beauty.

But no matter how provocative she was, he had no feeling.  He would never be like his worthless master, who was ranked among the ten celestial immortals at the end of his cultivation, but abandoned all accomplishments for the sake of a great devil.

Since his master did not want this life-saving system, he, his disciple, would protect it. He would definitely make it the most powerful cultivation place in the ten realms.


The waitress was leading the way and couldn’t help glancing at the sight to the right and back.

Ruan Nuo noticed her eyes and smiled, brilliant like peach blossom.

The waitress suddenly blushed.

Bai Dao floated behind Ruan Nuo, with a serious face: “Please don’t tease people at will.”

In the task world, the host could freely talk with the person in charge in their soul form.  At this time, Ruan Nuo, who did not look strange on the outside, was speaking to Bai Dao in a delicate tone: “I’m sorry, Mr. Bai Dao, I was born with charm. I can’t control myself.”

As soon as Bai Dao choked, he silently retreated.

  The restaurant had a total of four floors. The top floor had a membership system. All balcony rooms were equipped with professional sound insulation walls and first-class security measures so that members who came here for dinner could safely discuss private secrets.

As soon as the elevator door opened, the balcony room facing the door was half covered. Behind the door was a handsome, sunny young man, dressed in casual clothes, about 20 years old, standing at the edge of being a mature man and an energetic teenager, like a vibrant poplar tree.

The moment the man lifted his eyes and looked over, Ruan Nuo knew at a glance why the host liked the man.

No girl could refuse such a pair of black and bright eyes.

Like a pool of water under the blue sky in the hot summer, the water was sparkling, bright and clear, cool water was reflected in his eyes, he smiled at a person, and then blew all the wind into that person’s heart, blossoms in spring, and the love was in full bloom.

Some men could become scumbags because they could completely hurt people.

Ruan Nuo laughed, catching the man’s gaze, and smiled at him, threw a wink at him and said hello from a distance: “Hi, Chen Yin.”

Chen Yin was surprised.

He just looked outside randomly, didn’t see clearly, thought it was someone else and he subconsciously put out his friendly and iconic smile, and now he looked carefully, only to find out that the beautiful girl standing outside the door was Ruan Nuo. Who said bitterly that she wanted to cultivate herself … Ruan Nuo ?!

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