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In the dead night of late autumn, Xing Ye stood beside the transparent coffin, with five fingers firmly clasped at the edge of the coffin. His right hand turned blue from the cold air, but he didn’t feel it.

He stared at the face in the coffin. He looked like Xing Ye, but was softer than the otherwise cold man.

Xing Shuo, like his appearance, was a man of gentle character who was very tolerant of people and things.

He was Xing Ye’s younger brother, five years younger than Xing Ye. He was only 24 this year, but he was already lying in the cold coffin. In the empty hall, Xing Ye was the only one holding the vigil.

Since their parents died unexpectedly nine years ago, Xing Shuo and Xing Ye had lived together and were the only family members of each other.

Now, Xing Shuo had left him.

When hearing the news of Xing Shuo’s death, Xing Ye, who was abroad, could not believe that his young and healthy brother had passed away.

He immediately handed over his work to his subordinates and asked for an investigation into the cause of Xing Shuo’s death as the only relative of the deceased when he returned home. But whether the police or the hospital, the answer was only one – sudden cardiac arrest.

At present, Xing Shuo was preparing his master’s thesis in Beijing University. He was in the library every day and had never had a grudge with others. However, the comprehensive autopsy report of forensic medicine also excluded drug factors, and the cause of death was indeed acute myocardial infarction.

“A lot of people who die suddenly usually behave very healthily, without any abnormal conditions. Mr. Xing Ye, I understand your mood, but Xing Shuo’s death is indeed a normal death, and there is no human factor.”

The police’s answer echoed in Xing Ye’s mind. He reached out his frozen hand and gently touched Xing Shuo’s face. Under the skillful hand of the undertaker, Xing Shuo smiled like he was alive, as if he was having a very beautiful dream.

Xing Ye turned his face away and looked up at the stars outside the window, fearing that his tears would fall on his brother’s body.

From now on, he would be alone.

Stars never knew the sorrow of the world. No matter how sad human beings were, they still stayed bright. Xing Ye looked for a moment and felt dizzy. He wrapped up his expensive coat and sat on the chair prepared by the mourning hall.

The rustle of fallen leaves in the autumn wind caused Xing Ye, who had not slept for three days, to sink into deep sleep.

In the dream, he vaguely returned to his last meeting with Xing Shuo. At that time, Xing Ye was about to go abroad when Xing Shuo stopped him with his mobile phone: “Brother …”

Standing in front of the door Xing Ye looked back at him.

Xing Shuo’s mobile phone screen was on, and he smiled as usual: “Have a nice trip.”

“I hope you’ve passed your master’s thesis when I come back.” Xing Ye, as always, maintained a dignified and powerful image in front of his younger brother, and left in a hurry after ordering him to study.

From then on, heaven and man separated.

 When a cold wind blew, Xing Ye suddenly opened his eyes and his watch showed it was 01:30.

He seldom dreamt, even if he did, he never could remember the content. But the dream just now seemed to reappear, and every little move of Xing Shuo in the dream was vividly remembered.

In the dream, Xing Shuo’s left hand scratched his pants line gently. Xing Ye, who was anxious to go out, did not notice it. At this time, the detail reappeared in his sleep.

Since childhood, Xing Shuo had made such small movements when he wanted to discuss something with him but dared not speak.

At that time, Xing Shuo did not want to say goodbye to him, but had something to say, but he was in a hurry to leave. He hesitated and did not mention it. Xing Ye secretly thought, carefully remembering each action he made.

  He was wearing a dark gray sweater, black slacks, his left hand squeezed his trouser, while his right hand held his mobile phone, the screen of the mobile phone was bright, the picture was……

A black and white QR code!

  Recalling this picture, Xing Ye realizes that at that time, Xing Shuo clicked on the QR code picture in his mobile phone to discuss something with him.

He immediately picked up the briefcase he had left in the corner at random, took out the notebook that recorded important work, and took out his signature pen, depicting the two-dimensional code in memory bit by bit.

Xing Ye had a simple painting foundation. The notebook page was a small square grid. As long as the corresponding grid was shaded according to the proportion, the QR code could be replicated.

Xing Ye had a good memory since he was a child. When he was a college student, he even took a shorthand class. Even if he couldn’t remember everything, it was almost the same.

After carefully painting the last stroke, Xing Ye looked back and made sure that the two-dimensional code he drew was consistent with the one he remembered. Then he took out his mobile phone and pointed to scan, aiming at the two-dimensional code.

With the sound “Didi”, a black-and-white page that had never been seen appeared on the screen of the mobile phone. There was a dialog box in the interface: Player Xing Shuo invites you to participate in the game challenging your destiny, do you accept it? Yes / no

Was Xing Shuo still playing hand games in the critical period of preparing his master’s thesis? It was unlikely, and he would not discuss a game with him.

The so-called “Game of challenging fate” was definitely not a simple game, it had deep meanings. But nothing ventured and nothing gained, Xing Ye did not hesitate and directly clicked “Yes”.

At the moment when his fingers touched the screen, Xing Ye was surprised to find that his arm had become black and white, and was no longer a three-dimensional, spatial, but a flat pattern.

Next, Xing Ye’s whole body and even the whole space became flat. After a while of twists and turns, he entered a space that was only black and white.

  The entire space seemed to have no boundaries, and it seemed to have less than ten square meters of active area. The black and white squares were crowded together, creating a very uncomfortable space. It continued to extend to an unknown distance, and there was no end.

However, the area where Xing Yue could move was very small. He tried to walk towards the end of the black and white space, but he was blocked by an invisible barrier.

 ”Welcome to the two-dimensional world, three-dimensional intelligent creature Xing Ye.” A black-and-white third-order Rubik cube flew out of the square and floated in the air. It had no mouth, but it could talk to Xing Ye. It sounded like his brother Xing Shuo’s voice echoing in the space.

Xing Ye looked at the black and white cube quietly, without panic, surprise or question.

“Very calm,” the nine squares on the left side of the black and white cube rotated at 90 degrees, “Blood pressure 116-78, heart rate 68, you are really not afraid, rather than pretending to be calm.”

 ”Since i’m already here, i have to be calm.” Xing Ye spoke slowly.

“That can’t be without curiosity, can it?” The black-and-white Rubik’s cube’s grid flitted around, “There are many people who don’t have fear, but they also have other emotions, excitement, surprise, delusion. .. many, many, many, not like you. “

“It is probably because my heart is dying and I am not interested in anything. This space is indeed beyond my understanding of the real world, but so what?” Could Xing Shuo be brought to life? Xing Ye secretly thought in his heart.

“oh? Is it?” The black-and-white Rubik Cube stopped rotating, and the pattern fixed in front of Xing Ye looked like a mouth with a malicious smile. “I still observed that you tried your best to suppress a sentiment called “sadness” because of this person? “

The black and white walls began to change and slowly turned into a face. Xing Shuo’s face was outlined with black lines.

Xing Ye took a deep breath to keep his voice calm: “I only entered the world after scanning the two-dimensional code in his mobile phone.”

He did not ask whether Xing Shuo’s death was related to this strange black-and-white space. Xing Ye knew very well that when negotiating, he should not reveal his weaknesses in order to avoid being caught by the other party and his emotions being manipulated.

He didn’t know anything about this world now. He needed to keep calm as much as possible in order to observe, collect and analyze with a calm heart.

The black-and-white Rubik’s Cube revolved around Xing Ye several times. The positive pattern constantly showed Xing Ye’s body data, heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration and mood fluctuation. Xing Ye watched it with a straight face and was not moved by its detection ability.

“What a watertight person.” After saying this, the black-and-white Rubik’s cube stopped turning around, and its voice changed from a relaxed male voice similar to that of college students to Xing Ye’s mature and deep voice.

“Player Xing Ye, scanned the personal information of player Xing Shuo numbered S7903 to enter the two-dimensional code world, please select the camp according to the regulations.” While the black-and-white Rubik’s cube talked, two options emerged.

A. people blessed by fate.

B. people opposing fate.

Xing Ye had no immediate choice, and he was still confused about it, but asked: “Won’t you explain to the new players? Do players have no right to know?”

“Is there a right to choose your parents when you are born? Living in the world, is there a right to choose between being a man and a woman? At the end of life, is there a right to control death?” The Black and white Rubik’s Cube, with Xing Ye’s voice, said darkly, “You clicked on the game option on your phone, like a baby falling to the ground, and even though the road was full of thorns, mustn’t you go on?”

“Yes.” Xing Ye nodded, “Entering this space, I should have thought that this is beyond the scope of human cognition and is not bound by existing laws and morals.”

He looked up at the two options for a while and could not see any clues from the content. Literally speaking, it should be relatively easier to be favored by fate.

Unfortunately, he had never been favored by fate since his birth.

Xing Ye’s mind flashed to his brother’s quiet face in the coffin: “I choose B.”

 ”Once chosen, you cannot repent. Are you sure?” The Black and White cube asked.

“OK.” Said Xing Ye without hesitation.

A line appears on the black cube:

Player X8205 joined the Anti-Fate camp

Camp Fixed attribute: Lucky value 1%

Personal initial skill: Eye of impression, redraw pen (generated according to player’s initial attribute, unlocked)

Personal initial score: 100

Initial world: Rewriting the ending

The line quickly turned into a black-and-white two-dimensional code, which also appeared on Xing Ye’s mobile phone.

At this time Xing Ye discovered that his silver-gray mobile phone had become half black and half white, like a clear division of factions.

“Friendly reminder, the lucky value of option A is 99%,” said the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube. “If the dice is bigger than the size, 99 out of 100 people in the pro-life camp will throw it at 6 o’clock, while those in the anti-life camp will only have one chance, and fate will always look after his family, do not regret it later? 

“There is no need to regret it. Since you have chosen, you must go on with determination and not withdraw.”

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