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High Energy QR Code — 2

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So-called lucky!

In this different space, his mobile phone did not have a network, but the scanning function could still be used.

Xing Ye secretly remembered his two-dimensional code pattern, scanned it with his mobile phone, and a plain text interface popped up. The text content was the personal information indicated on the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube.

Two-dimensional codes were mainly used for information, links, advertisements, push, payment and other aspects in life. Text information could store up to 400 or 500 words. The two-dimensional codes generated in his mobile phone were the basic information of players in this different space, while those in real life were more similar to links.

At present, Xing Ye could only speculate about these things. As to what world this was and whether the death of his younger brother was related to this world, he still needed to participate in the game to investigate slowly.

He never believed that his younger brother Xing Shuo died of natural causes. His intuition told him that he could find out the truth here.

In this case, it was necessary to actively participate in the game. Xing Ye turned his eyes from the mobile phone screen to the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube and asked, “Did you just mention the camp, which means the game to be played is PVP mode? “

The black-and-white Rubik’s cube replied: “Yes, all the worlds are war mode. According to the principle of protecting new people, the first world is generally a primary world, with a limit of 4 participants.”

The black and white Rubik’s cube didn’t let XingYe ask anymore questions, a few lines of words appeared:

Game Content: Rewrite the Set End

Player Role: Executor

Number of participants: 3 from the pro-fate camp and 1 from the anti-fate camp

Winning method: players are divided into manipulator and executor. The manipulator designs the ending of the story, and the executor is the main character of the story. If the ending of the story is the ending first set by the manipulator, the manipulator wins, and vice versa.

Reward and punishment content: The victorious camp each gets 100 points, the points of the defeated camp will be deducted by 50%, the victorious camp can get a special two-dimensional code card.

Note: The number of participants and the position of the camp are randomly selected. If you have any objection, complain about your lucky value.

Xing Ye only had time to read the basic information, his body was pulled away from the black and white space by a strong force, and there was a countdown of 3,2,1 in his mind. When he regained consciousness again, he was in a village he had never seen before.

The scenery here was very good, with lush trees and fresh air, which was better than the air that Xing Ye was used to.

However, the houses were crude and the residents were few. The farm tools in Xing Ye’s yard were extremely old fashioned, which seemed to exist in the low productivity farming era.

The door of the wooden house was open and there was no sign of other people living. He should be living alone.

Xing Ye walked into the shabby but very clean house. After walking around, he realized for the first time what it meant to have “a room with four walls”.

The whole room only had a number of wooden pots and buckets, a bed made of Zhang Qian grass, and half a piece of dry black bread on the bed head.

After confirming that the surrounding environment could be called safe for the time being, Xing ye began to check his own materials. The mobile phone disappeared and a half black-half white bracelet on his wrist replaced it. Now he didn’t look like someone rich enough to wear a bracelet. Something was definitely wrong with this jewelry.

Xing Ye carefully looked at the bracelet, indeed as expected, he found a transparent button, he clicked on it and a panel appeared.

Only two icons were lit on the panel, and Xing Ye pressed the first “story background” icon.

A voice suddenly appeared in his mind: “Long, long ago, there was a beautiful queen. She was the most beautiful woman in the country. Everyone who saw her thought she was so beautiful that they couldn’t help but lower their heads and they couldn’t look straight at her beautiful face.

It was a pity that heaven was so stingy and refused to let such beauty stay on earth. The queen was blinded in one eye by a bear during a hunt. After recovering from the injury, she desperately found that half of her injured face had become distorted and ugly.

Since then, every time the queen saw the mirror, she would scream hysterically and hurt herself crazily. She could not accept her ugliness and broke all the mirrors in the palace and even the whole country.

Neither aristocrats nor civilians were allowed to have mirrors. Anyone found hiding mirrors in private by the army would be executed.

Claire, a civilian girl, had never looked in the mirror or seen her face. When she learned from the story of the old man at the mouth of the village that there used to be such a magical existence as a mirror in this country, she very much hoped to have a mirror of her own. 

Xing Ye: “…”

He had been trying his best to ignore the strange feeling on his chest since the environment changed. He had not even looked down at his body and clothes. He only thought that the heavy feeling in his chest was a lump. However, when he heard that the protagonist of the story was a girl, he could not continue to deceive himself.

Xing Ye didn’t confirm the sex of the body. After recalling the background silently, he clicked on the second icon -task prompt.

The voice still reverberated in his mind: “Task 1: Players need to maintain their character settings and cannot be suspected of their true identity by NPC; Task 2: Prevent the three endings set by the manipulator (the endings have been set at the beginning of the story, and the manipulator cannot be changed during the process). “

Even as calm as Xing Ye was, after hearing the content of his task, he felt weak in his legs and feet and it was hard for him to keep standing. He sat on the hay bed with his palm against his forehead and felt that he needed to be quiet.

Xing Ye did not think too much when choosing the anti-fate camp. He made a decision according to his usual habits.

In his view, there was no free lunch in the world, the free was the most expensive, there were traps hidden behind all the gains without pains, the so-called lucky value was an illusion, only the things that could be controlled in his palm could make him feel at ease.

He expected that option B would be relatively difficult, but he did not expect the gap to be so wide.

The first was the number of contestants, which was limited to a 4-person PVP model. Generally speaking, it should be 2V2. However, the number of contestants were randomly selected by the system. The lucky value below the lower limit made him face the situation of 1V3.

He didn’t know the identity, purpose and thinking mode of the manipulator, and couldn’t guess what the other three had decided. He wanted to avoid the three outcomes without knowing anything.

This was not the most difficult thing. What bothered Xing Ye the most was that he had to play a medieval girl who loved beauty and could not be discovered by other NPCs.

Thinking of it, Xing Ye couldn’t help touching an important and indescribable part. The symbol of male under the grey cloth skirt still existed, which made him both relieved and burdened.

The joy was that he didn’t really become a woman, but only had more body parts. The worry was that it was too likely for him to be discovered. It was better not to have it completely.

It could be said that he was facing a losing situation.

With his back against a wooden wall, Xing Ye closed his eyes and recalled the wonderful experience from waking up in his dream to entering the game world.

When you think you have reached an impasse, you may as well calm down and think things over again, perhaps there will be a new harvest.

Regardless of what the two-dimensional code and the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube were, this was obviously beyond human cognition. Forcibly exploring them would only be a waste of brain cells.

Xing Ye decided to simply analyze the settings from the perspective of the virtual game, starting with the name.

The name only appeared once, which was the dialog box that popped up when he scanned the redrawn two-dimensional code  -player Xing Shuo invited you to participate in the game of challenging your fate. Do you accept it?

“Challenging fate?” Xing Ye whispered to himself, “In other words, the purpose of this game is to make players fight against fate, and why is there option A-the one who is favored by fate?”

According to the name analysis alone, this should be a PVE battle mode in which all players and the game system were fated. Now it must be PVP.

Xing Ye realized, “Apart from luck, the so-called being favored by fate should also have a hidden condition, that is, not to violate the arrangement of fate. My mission requirement is not to be doubted by others about my true identity. In other words, as long as all the changes that have taken place in me are reasonable, it is also possible for a village woman to change into a queen, because I am an anti-fate camp and I do not recognize the identity of a civilian girl that fate has arranged for me.

But if you accept what fate has given you, then in this environment that looks like the medieval background, aristocrats are nobles, slaves are slaves, and players are powerful and cannot make any changes. “

I am free, Xing Ye thought secretly.

Just after smoothing some thoughts, he heard a knock at the door. A young female voice came from outside: “Claire, are you at home? We have an appointment to go to the riverside to wash clothes.”

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Pretty Her — 2

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TN: I finally figured it out, this novel will be updated every Monday .

Just walking in, Ruan Nuo pretended to stop and bent down to pick up the handbag she had deliberately dropped.

A pair of beautiful legs, white, thin and tender, lined with the right length of a short skirt, made everyone stunned.

Before Chen Yin could react, his body had already taken the first step. He picked up the handbag on the floor and smiled at Ruan Nuo with his usual warm smile: “I ordered your favorite dish, sweet and spicy. I’m sure you like it. “

Chen Yin was this good. No matter the circumstances, he could maintain a courteous and considerate attitude, giving people a feeling of spring breeze.

For example, now, without Ruan Nuo opening her mouth, he had taken the initiative to pull open the leather armchair for her, spread out the triangular napkin on her leg, set up a set of fine purple sand teapot on the table beside her.

The host did not like drinking, so she liked drinking tea.

Chen Yin, who grew up in a honey pot, was proficient in eating, drinking and playing. He was also a good strategist of people’s hearts.

The host had been associated with him for a year, and Chen Yin had almost praised the host to heaven since this year. But he doted on his girlfriend only out of a habit. He had no intent.

For the host who was an orphan, for the first time someone had been so kind to her, so she had been thinking about Chen Yin so much that when she committed suicide, her mouth still spoke Chen Yin’s name.

Ruan Nuo returned from her thoughts, lightly glancing at the youth  in front of her. The way she looked at him, there was no love, only enjoyment.

Unlike her host, she had never loved anyone but herself. The heart was unreliable, only happiness was the most important.

The girl lowered her eyes, bit her lips lightly, and her weak shoulders trembled slightly. “I can’t eat spicy food, can I change the food?”

Chen Yin immediately understood.

She had just been discharged from the hospital and was not feeling well. It was his negligence.

After he ordered another meal, his eyes involuntarily glued to the girl opposite him.

He thought that after such a thing, she would make a big noise today. Everything was his fault, he did not want to escape, although he did not love her, but it was not his intention to make her sad.

He had already made preparations for her crazy revenge on him, but unexpectedly, she made no sign of wanting to tear him apart.

Chen Yin took a deep breath, thought for half an hour, and then took the initiative to say, “Don’t hold it back. If you feel angry, you can spill it out. You’ve suffered. I’m sorry. “

The girl raised her face, her eyes turned and pointed to the wine on the table. “I want to water your face with that.”

… Originally she didn’t intend to be polite with him.

But her tone was too soft, her eyes were delicate and touching, Chen Yin didn’t think there was any problem with her request.

That was what he deserved.

When the wine poured on his head, Chen Yin sat quietly on his seat and asked sweetly, “Do you want to pour the second bottle?” I’ll order another bottle. “

Ruan Nuo touched the young man’s chin with the wine bottle and asked, “I want to hit you with this.”

Chen Yin swallowed, then said: “Then you tap … tap…”

Although he loved playing, he had the courage to bear all the consequences.

Ruan Nuo dropped the bottle, Chen Yin was relieved, but then she slapped him.

Chen Yin: “Hey?”

Ruan Nuo slapped him again.

Chen Yin stopped talking.

Two slaps were worth a bottle.

Ruan Nuo rubbed her hand. “It really hurts.”

The girl’s frowning and petulant expression was bright and moving. She has just done something provocative to him, but he thought she was very gentle.

This was not the Ruan Nuo from his memories, she was like a changed person. The face was still the same, but her temperament was completely different. Chen Yin didn’t think much because he didn’t pay attention to Ruan Nuo before. In his position, Ruan Nuo was a clever and obedient vase girlfriend. He didn’t need to know her inner self.

Chen Yin couldn’t help coming forward, he bowed his head and blew it for her. “I’m sorry, I have thick skin.” After he was slapped by a girl for the first time, he felt pity for the pain in her hands and even felt sorry.

Ruan Nuo conveniently gave him two slaps.

Chen Yin received the slaps with a smile.

After the fight, Ruan Nuo sat down and went straight to the topic: “You called me here. It must be for more than an apology.”

Chen Yin was thinking about how to bring up the topic, he suddenly heard her take the initiative to mention it, he felt uneasy.

He grew up with girls, so he knew how to deal with them perfectly, so they wouldn’t complain about him after breaking up. But Ruan Nuo, his ex-girlfriend, was different.

She loved him too much. And he, hurt her too hard.

Chen Yin gathered his thoughts, “Ruan Nuo, I know you don’t want to break up …” Even after being sent to the hospital after an accident, Ruan Nuo still clutched his sleeve tightly and said that she would not break up with him even if she died.

Before Chen Yin could finish, Ruan Nuo interrupted him: “Who said I didn’t want to break up with you? Player like you, if we don’t break up, won’t you keep playing?”

Chen Yin was speechless and his inner emotions were complicated.

Before coming, his new sweetheart Shen Ru laid tearfully on his chest and said with a face filled with grievances that if Ruan Nuo refused to let go, she would like for him return to Ruan Nuo temporarily until Ruan Nuo’s mood stabilized and they would consider the future.

Shen Ru was a scheming girl. He knew that she said those words in order to advance, but he didn’t care. There was nothing wrong with a woman trying to please a man.

He liked Shen Ru very much. She was smart and beautiful. She knew when to advance and retreat. The most important thing was that he could keep it open in bed.

Ruan Nuo’s soft voice spoke out. She tapped Chen Yin’s hand with chopsticks in an indifferent tone: “Mr. Chen, when talking about cheating and breaking up with your ex-girlfriend, please pay attention.”

Chen Yin suddenly lifted his eyes. Her eyes were smiling, but there was no smile on her face.

Mr. chen.

Polite alienation, like she was addressing a stranger.

Chen Yin heart thumped. She was not being calculating like Shen Ru. She really wanted to break up with him.

He got what he wanted, but it was a little sour. The love she gave him was not even equal to his mother. Unfortunately, he did not love her and could not feel her deep feelings.

He just wanted to play. Having a good time with both of them, he did whatever he wanted. When he was hooking up with Shen Ru, it happened to be when Ruan Nuo said she wanted to marry him.

He was only 20 years old, young and handsome, and his family was well-off. The word “marriage” struck him and made him tremble with fear.

Chen Yin returned to the present, took out a card from his bag, and in a sincere voice, “My dad recently gave me a lot of pocket money, I have 6 million working capital. You said to me before that you don’t want to enter the entertainment circle and want to study art instead. This money should be used as my sponsorship for your study abroad. If you need any help in the future, please mention it as long as I can help. “

Ruan Nuo seldom spent his money when she was with him. She didn’t want his gifts or his money, she only wanted his love.

He thought she would not accept his money.

But he didn’t expect- “6 million, not even enough for a small apartment on New York’s Upper East Side.” The girl’s lips were red and her teeth were white. The corners of her mouth drew a mocking arc. “Chen Yin, are you giving too little money to prostitute yourself? “

Chen Yin had always been respectable in the matter of men and women’s intercourse. For the first time, someone had attached the word whoring to him. And this person was Ruan Nuo who loved him very much not long ago.

Chen Yin felt some panic, his face was red from embarrassment, “How much do you want? I’ll call you later.”

Ruan Nuo leaned forward slightly, holding the card between her slender white index finger and middle finger. She looked at his tender face with interest. “I’m joking. Look at you, you’re scared. You’ve gone green.” With the card in her hand, she glanced at his thin lips and changed her tone,” Thank you, Mr. Chen. “

The beauty was fragrant and soft, red lips were like fire.

Chen Yin’s heart leapt and he quickly looked away. He took the cup on the table and gulped water. It was so hot that the tip of his tongue blistered and he hissed in pain.

When leaving, Chen Yin offered to send her back. Ruan Nuo gently swept her hair out of her face and smiled: “No, I don’t want to have any contact with you any more.”

“Then … I will contact you when you go abroad.” Chen Yin stood awkwardly, his chest pounding. Until Ruan Nuo disappeared from view, he stayed standing and looked around.

For a long time, he remained still, thinking of the break up scene, in hindsight, he was surprised. He regretted breaking up with her. Today’s Ruan Nuo seemed to be completely transformed.

It turned out that when a woman didn’t love a man, she really became charming.

Chen Yin shook his head and tried to sober himself up and reminded himself not to be a b**ch. He, Chen Yin, absolutely was not going back.

In the taxi, Bai Dao suddenly appeared and sat beside Ruan Nuo in a transparent state.

“Chen Yin’s favorable opinion has changed from 40 to 50.” He hesitated for half a second, then continued with a cold face: “You did very well just now, but do you really not intend to have any contact with Chen Yin again? Let me remind you, the host wants Chen Yin to feel regret, unforgettable love, if you … “

Without waiting for Bai Dao to finish, she threw an impatient look at him and said, ” Lord Bai Dao, no one can be more handy than me in matters of love. Please quietly appreciate how I have successfully completed the task, ok?”

The tone was arrogant, but her voice was charming and could not be disliked. Bai Dao was silent for a moment, leading the topic to the host’s second wish: “You are a helpless orphan now. It is impossible to fight against Shen Ru who is backed by Chen Yin. Unless you recapture Chen Yin. “

He opened the record of the previous mission and told her straight away: “Those who have done this mission, without exception, have chosen to make Chen Yin change his mind about breaking up.”

She asked, “Have they all achieved full marks?”

Bai Dao paused, “No.”

She laughed: “That’s not enough. It shows that it is not correct to start with Chen Yin.”

Bai Dao frowned and asked, “I thought you came to meet Chen Yin today to raise his favorable impression.”

Ruan Nuo proudly raised the card in her hand. “I came today to get compensation. With the money, I can go to see a man.”

Bai Dao: ” … A man?”

Ruan Nuo nodded: “Yes, a man more handsome and more golden than Chen Yin.”

Bai Dao had an ominous premonition: “For example?”

Ruan Nuo blinked and her eyes were filled with longing: “The man sitting next to Chen Yin in the picture I saw yesterday.”

Bai Dao immediately remembered who she was talking about. Shen Shi’s youngest son, Shen Feng’an, was the most mysterious child.

Shen Feng’an was a man of outstanding appearance, temperament and family background.

Others were busy making money by investing, while he was busy losing and scattering money. He was the kind of person who spent a lot of money.

The Shen family had always been known for its low profile, never appearing on the news, and no media dared to hit the tip of a knife. Domestic search engines could hardly find the Shen family’s information, while foreign search engines would occasionally have a few, it would be seen for a few days, and then blocked.

Shen Feng’an was the same in the circle as being impossible. Everyone wanted to get in front of him, but few had the courage to follow him. Some were not qualified, and the others were afraid of overreaching.

When Bai Dao thought of her relationship with Chen Yin, he could not help asking, “Are you sure you want to capture him?”

She smiled like a peach blossom: “Mmm.”

Since Shen Ru was backed by Chen Yin, of course she wanted to find someone who was better than Chen Yin as a supporter. It was possible to become famous overnight as long as she was willing to put her mind to it.

Bai Dao commented coldly: “Skilled people are really bold.”

She took out a mirror from her bag and stroked her smooth skin with her fingers. “This is not daring, this is confidence, after all, I am beautiful, aren’t I?”

She knew long ago that beauty was a woman’s best weapon. If a cold heart was added, she would be invincible.


*grew up in a honeypot* — means grew up in in a good home.

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I Raised A Sick And Weak Prince– C2

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She didn’t know what he thought of. Lu Huan’s face suddenly became ugly. He was pale. He picked up the teapot and pushed open the wood door and went out.

The crumbling wooden door could not resist the cold wind. The snow immediately poured into the house and scattered on the shabby bed.

But he didn’t care too much. He went out, holding the teapot, and stopped at a part of the courtyard wall.

The cold wind rustled his thin clothes.

Suxi looked at the game character’s actions with wonder. What was the situation? Why did he drink water and suddenly run out of the yard?

Wasn’t it cold?

Can you go back quickly?! I managed to help you build up your strength. You’re going to toss it out. Hello!

But she saw the little game player reaching out to look in the snow, and suddenly he found a few bugs that looked like stink bugs.

He poured the water from the teapot on the ground and threw the insects in.

Then went to see the reaction of those insects.

He saw the insects struggling desperately in the water, but soon they swam out, ignoring the water on their bodies, and hid in the ground, not dead.

 Although the game character made no further movement, Suxi could obviously feel his relief.

The white air he exhaled congealed into frost, then he wiped his face wearily, and turned back to the woodshed.

Suxi :….

Suxi understood that the game character was afraid that the water in the teapot was poisoned. He just drank it directly when his brain was in a daze. After drinking it, he woke up and became pale. He threw several small insects into the water. When he saw that the insects were not dead, he was relieved.

——Should he be so smart?!

For a moment, Suxi’s scalp went numb. When she downloaded the game, she thought that the game was poorly made. However, she never thought that the characters reacted so vividly. It was not like a drawn character at all!

But she saw the game character after he returned to the woodshed and firmly closed the door.

 His face was bloodless and he looked ill. He stood by the window sill, put the teapot back and looked at it for a moment.

  Lu Huan still felt unstable and heavy in his mind, as if he was on fire.

  He did wonder,  he had never poured water into the teapot, but why was there water in the teapot – did he forget that he poured it yesterday?

It was because of that he was confused.

However, the water was not poisoned and laxatives were not used to make fun of him.

Lu Huan’s dark eyes flashed with imperceptible coldness. He frowned and held the wall as he walked back to the bed.

Seeing that he finally laid back on the bed, Suxi was relieved. As long as he laid down, he would not lose his strength and would recover.

However, Suxi watched the young man curl up into a ball under a thin quilt on the screen, but she was curious and slightly sad. What was he going through and why was he so alert?

She started the game just to pass the time, directly skipped the previous opening animation, that was, the childhood experience of the character.

But now there were some mysteries. Anyway, she was also idle. While the game character slept, Suxi couldn’t help turning back to watch the opening animation.

At the beginning, the life experience of the game character was not shown. She thought his life experience would be decrypted later, but since the system said that the real identity of the game character was the prince, then he must be the prince left behind. She just didn’t know how he became the bastard of the Ning Wangfu.

The animation scenes switched very fast, but Suxi still saw from the few scenes that the thin young man’s life had been full of suffering.

The palace wall of the Ning Wangfu was deep, and the mistress said  nothing, but he was short of clothes and food all year round, and Lu Huan was mistreated.

The boy grew up, unable to eat or sleep properly, like hiding in a dark sewer. He could only secretly help the servants under him to do some hard work in exchange for some dry food.

Lu Wenxiu, the second young master of the     Ning Wangfu, was the most arrogant and vicious. He often ordered servants to tease Lu Huan and humiliate him. If Lu Huan made a mistake and offended him, he would get more than a dozen whiplashes . As a result, over the years, he had been branded with countless marks.

However, Lu Yu ‘an, the eldest son of the Ning Wangfu, was honest and righteous on the surface, but in fact he was hypocritical. Like Ning Wang, he turned a blind eye to these things.

In addition, the Ning Wangfu had an aunt with a daughter, who was weak and incompetent. She was also bullied. On the contrary, she needed Lu Huan for help.

Several pictures flew by. Suxi’s player was either covered in blood or gnashing his teeth.

Suxi felt a little uncomfortable and couldn’t bear to watch it. Perhaps the game was so lifelike that she felt like there was a real protagonist who was stranded in Ning Wangfu, tortured and waiting for one day to take over the throne and become the emperor.

But fortunately, it was just a game, and Suxi looked at the game protagonist again- the cold wind outside the wooden door blew hard. Fortunately, it was just a game, otherwise the real people would surely freeze to death in such a bad place.

However, what else could she do?

Suxi looked, and with the reward just given, she still had 13 gold coins.

A message popped up: “The protagonist is extremely short of material at present. I suggest you start by changing his material conditions.”

Suxi: “All right, all right. It’s nothing for me to improve him a little.”

As she finished speaking, the mall popped up  immediately.

In the first row, there were all kinds of royal robes and jade robes. The first one was made of fox fur. The gold rimmed pattern looked very luxurious at a glance. The price below was 13000 gold coins.

The system said, “It’s only 130 yuan converted to RMB.”

Suxi: …..

“Good-bye, just pretend as if i didn’t say that just now, let the poor thing continue to freeze.”

“…” The system seemed to be a bit speechless and drew the page back for Suxi.

The price of the last piece called “ordinary warm robe without holes” was 30 gold coins.

“It only takes 30 gold coins, which is only 30 cents in RMB. These days, you have to pay 15 yuan for a cup of milk tea.”

The system tried its best to hint, but Suxi seemed to be completely unable to see its hint and ruthlessly scrolled straight down the mall.

Just kidding, she didn’t get her pocket money from the strong wind. How could money  be used in a game casually? It was just a game, okay? She won’t lose her mind!

    At last, Suxi scrolled and chose from the mall——”Repair the leaking wood door with straws” and “replace the thinnest and useless quilt with a very thin one that can barely keep warm”. 

The former consumed 8 gold coins, while the latter consumed 5 gold coins. In total, 13 gold coins given by the system at the time of registration and the reward gold coins for pouring the water could be spent cleanly.

The system seemed to have nothing to say about Suxi’s choices. After she chose, she closed the mall.

 The villain in the game was still sleeping and knew nothing about the world outside the game.Suxi listlessly looked at the way he slept for a while. 

She was curious about his reaction after he woke up. 

After all, the game was so lifelike, and his reactions would be very interesting. But for a while, before the little man woke up, Suxi turned off her cell phone and got up to do leg rehabilitation with the nurse.

    After the rehabilitation, Suxi’s classmates came to visit her after school with their homework. When she saw the homework, Suxi lamented then did the homework with several people for a while. Then they chatted and laughed while eating snacks. For a while, the game was temporarily forgotten.


Suxi was using the air conditioner and wearing airpods to chat with her classmates, while the shabby wood house was freezing from dark to dawn.

Lu Huan slept a little heavily because of the fever. When he woke up, his back was covered with cold  sweat.

    He closed his eyes, raised his hand and wiped his forehead. 

He felt there was no more fever, and finally he was relieved. His body and bones had always been cheap. It was better to sleep if he was in any pain. 

But his mouth was still dry.

He sat up from the hard bed.

A few servants outside the gate seemed to realize that Lu Huan woke up late. They shouted rudely outside the door: “I really don’t think of myself as a master, and I can’t afford to be late in the morning.”

Another said, “It’s a pity that you have a young master’s mind but not his life.”

Lu Huan’s eyes showed boredom and apathy and he ignored them. He lifted the quilt and was about to get out of bed, but when his finger touched the quilt, he suddenly froze, and his eyes flashed with a trace of wonder-

This quilt has obviously thickened, as if someone had filled it overnight while he was asleep.

Was it his delusion?

It was the same as last night’s teapot. At the same time, Lu Huan also felt something wrong. It seemed that it was not so cold today, and there was a lot less cold wind seeping in.

 He subconsciously looked at the door and windows, but saw that the old wood door was wrapped closely by straws when he wasn’t aware. In this way, the gap that could let the cold wind in would be greatly reduced. Did someone break into his room last night?! Lu Huan became alert and jumped off the bed.

    Did someone break into his room last night?! 

Lu Huan was alert and jumped off the bed. Naturally, he would not feel that any one in the Ning palace would show kindness to himself.

His head was still a little dizzy and his lips were white, but he managed to stand still, he lifted the quilt from the bed and shook it.

He looked cold and fierce, as he tried to shake off the stiffness of his limbs.

    However, after shaking for a while, nothing fell out. Instead, several pieces of cotton wool fell out from the obviously filled quilt. 

Although it was not soft and comfortable, it was clean. Moreover, it was much warmer than before. How could that be?

Lu Huan couldn’t help being stunned for a moment.

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Pretty Her- C1

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The girl who had been in coma for many days finally woke up. At the moment when she opened her eyes, she looked around in bewilderment, and then drew up the corner of her lips in a smile.

At the urging of the nurse, the doctor on duty came to record the course of the girl in the hospital bed.


“Ruan Nuo.”



The doctor was relieved and the information was correct, which indicated that she had no memory loss symptoms at present. After carefully looking at the course records of these days, no other complications were found. In a few days, the patient would be able to leave the hospital smoothly.

The young doctor raised his eyes and suddenly found that the girl in front of him was staring straight at him. Under the sun, the girl’s white skin was like snow and jade, and her clean and delicate facial features were impeccable.

Obviously, it was a patient who had just escaped from a car accident, but her face was not tired. Her facial expression and eyes were like a flower blooming toward the sun, full of vitality and charm from inside and outside.

Beautiful and fresh.

“Doctor, I have a sore wrist. Can you take a look at it for me?” The girl’s voice, as her name implied, was soft and waxy. She actively  passed her hand to the doctor’s palm.

The young doctor’s face turned red, even as he was called the cold flower in the hospital, he could not resist the charm of the girl in front of him. She was really beautiful. The charm that radiated from her was dazzling, and it was impossible to escape.

A few days ago when she was lying unconscious in bed, he never thought that she would be ten times more beautiful than when she was in a coma, oh no, it was a hundred times.

As soon as his hand touched it, it was too late to ask questions. The girl suddenly leaned forward and her voice became a little sweeter. She smiled and said, “Rub it, it won’t hurt.”

The young doctor held his breath and rubbed the wrists of the girl with trembling hands…. “Is it here? “

The girl bit her lower lip and made a “mm” sound.

The young doctor was so worried that he dared not stay any longer for fear that if he stayed for another second, he would be hooked. He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t help staring.

The girl half sat on the sickbed, winked at him and smiled unbridledly but bright and innocent.

An alluring woman as described in the books, even the most beautiful actress now was less than one percent of her.  

The doctor pinched his fingertip, which made him sober up a bit. His heart pounded and he turned away quickly.

After the doctor left, a white man appeared in the air, appearing translucent. Only Ruan Nuo, who had just regained consciousness, could see him.

He waved a flash of white light and the time stopped. Invisible white cages enveloped and isolated them.

“He is not on your list of tasks. You don’t need to bother to seduce him.” The man’s voice was as cold as ice and he looked straight at Ruan Nuo.

 Ruan Nuo looked at the man with the smile that had just charmed the young doctor. “After more than two thousand years, I have to try my charm. Besides, when you came to me, didn’t you just like my ability of seducing people? Master Bai Dao. “

The last four words were light and charming. If ordinary people listened to this call, they would have been intoxicated. But the man in white wasn’t moved at all. He coldly took out a Book of life and death, in a calm voice, read it word by word——

Xia Ji, a woman from the Chen family, Her beauty was known to be unparalleled, became the Queen of Three Kings, became the wives of Seven men. All the nobles wanted her for themselves. All of them turned senseless due to her charm.

Hearing her own name, Xia Ji’s smiled, she leaned to her side lazily and softly, and her face was filled with confusion: “Ah, Lord Bai Dao, why do you mention the old things again? Is it not that she charmed several men?”

She thought of the past, proud as she was, but she had no nostalgia in her eyes.

For her, debauchery was just a kind of resistance to her ruthless fate. History books defined her as the queen of enchantment, and later generations used obscene and indecent words to describe her, but she didn’t care.

Anyway, people would live a lifetime, and it was most important to live happily.

She liked to treat men as toys, playing one after another, which was very interesting. She thought that she would turn into earth and rain after death. Unexpectedly, after two thousand years of loneliness, she was brought back.

Bao Dao looked at the complacent woman in front of him indifferently, and there was a flash of anxiety in her heart.

  Since his master left the rebirth system and left, the system had encountered obstacles. The host refused to let the person whose body value was lower than their own to enter the body. Although it had been successfully repaired, it still needed to be tested.

The reason why Xia Ji was chosen was because the face value of her body could reasonably match the face value of the female lead in each world. And she was a mortal, not a deity, and had no ability to run away like a big devil.

He went on to say: “In order to test the normal operation of the life-saving system after repair, I hereby borrow the soul of Xia Ji and will never return it.”

The words “never return” were extremely hard to bite. After hearing this, Xia Ji reached out and touched the embroidered crane gauze clothing of the system, and rubbed it back and forth softly with her fingers. “Thank you, Lord Bao Dao, for taking me out of the dark place in hell. I will repay you well in the future. “

Bai Dao didn’t look at her, “You don’t have to repay, you can do your best to complete the task. According to the agreement, with the score of each task you complete, you can also get the corresponding reward, which can be used in your real world. “

After coming out of hell, in the real world, she opened her eyes and became a third-rate star 2,000 years later. It was said that this was to facilitate the follow-up tracking and investigation of the life-saving system, so she was given a real body. If no accident occured, she could leave the system and continue to live as a human being.

This deal was really a bargain.

Xia Ji asked cunningly, “Is any reward okay?”

Bai Dao: “Yes.” With that, he raised his hand to restrain her further intimacy. “Please review your host memory as soon as possible. In order to complete the task better, I suggest you devote yourself to your current character.”

Xia Ji sat back again. She stared at him with great interest. “Yes, Lord Bai Dao, from now on, I am Ruan Nuo, not Xia Ji.”

When her voice fell, she closed her eyes and let the memory of the host into her soul.

The host Ruan Nuo, a senior student at the Film Academy, was young and beautiful, she witnessed her beloved boyfriend cheating with her best friend and was unfortunately involved in a car accident.

According to the previous storyline, after the host woke up from a car accident, she became distracted because she could not accept the double blow of the car accident and her boyfriend’s betrayal. When she went to find her boyfriend and her best friend to collect debts, she was framed by her best friend and was exposed by the media as a vicious ex-girlfriend.

 At this time, her best friend had become a minor celebrity in the entertainment circle. Many fans who didn’t know the truth were chasing and scolding the host. Using her boyfriend’s power, her best friend repeatedly described the host as crazy and issued a hospital certificate. The host tried to tell the truth, but no one believed her.

The host was an orphan, living on the legacy left by her parents. She has no relatives to back her up. After being hit hard by life, she became depressed. The depression worsened and she committed suicide soon afterwards.

“I can’t think of it just because I am lovelorn?” Ruan Nuo accepted the memory of her host and all the information of the world at the same time. “I didn’t give up my life when I was in such a difficult environment. she shouldn’t belittle life so much. “

Bai Dao coldly threw out a sentence: “Because she has depression. Depression is a psychological disease. When it occurs, it is beyond her control.”

Ruan Nuo nodded, remembering something, and quickly asked, “Do I have depression now? I have just come to this world and have not played enough. I do not want to be controlled by terrible diseases for the time being.”

  Bai Dao corrected her words: “Your goal is to finish the task, not to have fun. Please face your goal.  Also, as long as you keep a good mood, this body’s depression will not recur. “

Ruan Nuo nodded with satisfaction. With a smile, she rolled up the thin cloth with her fingers and went straight to the point: “Lord Bai Dao, what are the conditions for achieving the task?”

Bai Dao: “Eliminate the resentment of the host.  Some hosts will give clear wishes, while others will not. Considering this is your first task, I chose a simpler one. This host clearly gave two wishes. As long as you fulfill her wishes, you can achieve full marks. “

She couldn’t wait to ask, “What’s her wish?”

  ”First, revenge on her ex-boyfriend and make him regret for life.  Second, replace her best friend and become a popular female star. “

She squinted disapprovingly: “No?  So simple? “

Bai Dao held his hands behind his back, he glanced at her lightly, “I will not provide you with any help except the system’s built-in sky-eye function. I’d like to remind you kindly that in the past ten thousand years, only one person has completed the task with full marks.  As a human soul, you’d better do your best and take your task seriously. “

She stood barefoot on the ground, reaching up to his waist. Bai Dao floating in mid-air, saw her slowly reach out and hug him.

Her tone was filled with self-confidence, and she was so charming that she almost dripped water : “Lord Bai Dao, you will like me, and I will become the most effective host under your name.”

Bai Dao looked away, “Oh.”

Time returned back to the mission world.  Ruan Nuo went through the discharge formalities quickly after being hospitalized and observed for a few days. She swept the young doctor off his feet. In the end, he was plunged into boundless love, but she patted her ass and ran away.

Bai Dao ruthlessly evaluated: “Stubborn.”

Ruan Nuo laid leisurely in her small apartment, “Lord Bai Dao, this is called conquest, not stubborn.  Women are born to conquer men. “

The words had just fallen, the cell phone rang, she picked it up and took a look, the caller was  “Chen Yin”.

It was her cheating ex-boyfriend.

After the phone rang for three seconds, it automatically hung up, and then a short message was sent in.

  -“Shall we meet?”

In the original storyline, the host initially did not agree to meet her ex-boyfriend Chen Yin. She was immersed in great sadness and resentment and was not ready to meet the man she once loved.

She knew how embarrassing it would be.  Later, she went to sort out debts in theory, because she was constantly challenged by her best friend, so she couldn’t bear it.

After sorting out the host’s mental process, Ruan Nuo sighed softly, “What a soft stuffed steamed bun.”

   As she spoke, she sent Chen Yin a text message in response: “Ok, I’ve been wanting to meet you.”

They would meet on Saturday afternoon at a fancy restaurant downtown.

Before the meeting, Ruan Nuo specially took care of herself again.  She had a round figure with a thin waist and long legs. She was the kind of retro-gorgeous girl that could only be seen in the old Hong Kong pictorial. It happened that the host liked to wear the Mori girl style. A long skirt hid her figure and there was nothing left.

Ruan Nuo threw away all the clothes in the host’s wardrobe. The clothes she bought again were only in two colors, black and white.

The more pure and simple the clothes, the more beautiful her temperament could be reflected. Looking for the right style of dressing for a girl was just like going back to the furnace and rebuilding.

If your dressing style was changed, the hairstyle would also change.  She purposely cut off a large part of her black hair length, to her shoulder, and curled it into large curls.

When she finished all this, she called Bai Dao again, and when he saw the person in front of him, he was slightly stunned for half a second.

He could hardly recognize her.

Ruan Nuo pursed her lips and smiled faintly. She looked at him with seductive eyes. “Lord Bai Dao, even you are fascinated by me.”

Bai Dao indifferently spoke: “Again, please face your task.”

There was no denying that she was really … very beautiful.  She was so beautiful that he seemed to be able to see through her soul what she used to look like in absolute beauty.

But no matter how provocative she was, he had no feeling.  He would never be like his worthless master, who was ranked among the ten celestial immortals at the end of his cultivation, but abandoned all accomplishments for the sake of a great devil.

Since his master did not want this life-saving system, he, his disciple, would protect it. He would definitely make it the most powerful cultivation place in the ten realms.


The waitress was leading the way and couldn’t help glancing at the sight to the right and back.

Ruan Nuo noticed her eyes and smiled, brilliant like peach blossom.

The waitress suddenly blushed.

Bai Dao floated behind Ruan Nuo, with a serious face: “Please don’t tease people at will.”

In the task world, the host could freely talk with the person in charge in their soul form.  At this time, Ruan Nuo, who did not look strange on the outside, was speaking to Bai Dao in a delicate tone: “I’m sorry, Mr. Bai Dao, I was born with charm. I can’t control myself.”

As soon as Bai Dao choked, he silently retreated.

  The restaurant had a total of four floors. The top floor had a membership system. All balcony rooms were equipped with professional sound insulation walls and first-class security measures so that members who came here for dinner could safely discuss private secrets.

As soon as the elevator door opened, the balcony room facing the door was half covered. Behind the door was a handsome, sunny young man, dressed in casual clothes, about 20 years old, standing at the edge of being a mature man and an energetic teenager, like a vibrant poplar tree.

The moment the man lifted his eyes and looked over, Ruan Nuo knew at a glance why the host liked the man.

No girl could refuse such a pair of black and bright eyes.

Like a pool of water under the blue sky in the hot summer, the water was sparkling, bright and clear, cool water was reflected in his eyes, he smiled at a person, and then blew all the wind into that person’s heart, blossoms in spring, and the love was in full bloom.

Some men could become scumbags because they could completely hurt people.

Ruan Nuo laughed, catching the man’s gaze, and smiled at him, threw a wink at him and said hello from a distance: “Hi, Chen Yin.”

Chen Yin was surprised.

He just looked outside randomly, didn’t see clearly, thought it was someone else and he subconsciously put out his friendly and iconic smile, and now he looked carefully, only to find out that the beautiful girl standing outside the door was Ruan Nuo. Who said bitterly that she wanted to cultivate herself … Ruan Nuo ?!

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I Raised A Sick And Weak Prince- C1

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She didn’t know why, Suxi had bad luck recently.

She almost got hit by a car when she was walking. She could choke on plain boiled water.

That was all.

Three days ago, she took part in the long-distance running project at the sports meeting. She was about to reach the end of the race and bask in a glorious moment. However, she stumbled over a small stone and fell in front of her classmates into dog excrement,

Not only that, when she stood up, she felt a sharp pain in her ankle and limped to the infirmary with the help of her classmates in a cold sweat. Only then did she find out that her right ankle was broken.

For a hundred days, Su Xi had to lie down in the hospital.

At this time, it was the second year of high school. Although Suxi had two friends who she got along with in class, they could not drop their studies and visit her often.

Not to mention Suxi’s father and mother, they were so busy with work at the end of the year that they could only leave Suxi alone in the hospital and come back to visit her after work.

Suxi laid alone on the bed, her phone by her side, while she used a gel pen to paint her cast black, sighing with boredom.

She opened the app store and planned to download two games to play. Suddenly, she was attracted by an old fashioned game called “The Way to the Emperor: The Sick Prince Adores You Alone”.

The name of this game was a bit shameful, it looked very crude.

But what attracted Suxi was the introduction of the game——

“Do you want to transfer? Want to get Koi? Want to be the luckiest person in life? Then play this game! The unique experience lets you know what the emperor’s favor is! Special experience feedback makes you lucky! “

Suxi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Not that she was superstitious, but she had been unlucky since she was young.

Although her family had no worries about food and clothing since childhood, with excellent performance, and her family life was safe and stable, but there were many disasters.

From broken bones to cutting her hand with a pencil, it happened every few days. Making Suxi almost doubt life.

Recently, she was in the hospital.

Suxi couldn’t help but click open the game download, anyway she was idle.

The game was soon downloaded, and the memory occupied by the mobile phone was not large, only a few megabytes. However, after the game was quickly loaded, Suxi was stunned.

Could trillions of games be made so well? This roof-even a few tiles could be counted clearly, it looked almost the same as reality, how many artists were exhausted? !!

The first game interface was the roof of a room with snow on it. It looked like a cold winter day. There were holes in the roof, letting the cold wind enter the room.

Suxi turned her eyes to the room, only to find that the room was in fact shabby and only palm-sized. There was only a wooden bed covered with straw and a thin sheet, which made people shiver with cold.

In addition, there was only one cabinet, which was closed. She didn’t know what was in it.

There was no desk or stool in the whole room. On such a cold day, the wood door was open and creaked.

Suxi put on headphones, heart pounding, the sound of the wooden door creaking in the snow was too real!

She didn’t know where the game started. She poked left and right on the interface, trying to find the key to do something

Just then, the wood door was pushed open, and a small boy in a thin cloth came back wet with a few chopped firewoods.

Although it was a drawn figure, he seemed to be tired.

 As he put down the firewood, he rolled up his sleeves and revealed a small, pale arm with a few things she did not know whether it was whip marks or something.

Suxi couldn’t see clearly, so she wanted to take a closer look, but the game interface immediately popped up-

“If you want to see the face of the prince clearly, you need to spend 20 gold coins. Your current account balance is only 10 gold coins. Please recharge and consume.”

Suxi immediately: “……”

A profiteer! The main character of the game won’t show his face! Recharge more?

Wasn’t this just a cartoon character, what was the big deal?

I don’t want to see!

When she saw the little man put down the firewood, he immediately dragged his tired body out of the house and went out to cut more wood outside the yard.

His black hair was still dripping with water, and as he walked on, he left traces of water on the ground.

This winter, how could this person survive such a difficult situation?

Suxi tried to poke at the little man’s head, thinking that according to general games, it should be possible to click on the little man and name him, but once again a box popped up-

“If you want to get the prince’s real name, you need to spend 2 gold coins. Your current account balance still has 10 gold coins. Do you want to spend 2 gold coins to get his real name? Of course, you can also modify the nickname, and the system will recommend several domineering names for you, such as Aotian Long, Ye Liangchen and Xuanyuan … “

Suxi: “…..No, no, no, no, the real name is good.”

Just as she said yes, her gold coin was deducted 2 in the upper right corner, and a profile was added in the upper left corner.

Suxi stayed silent for a second:…

Could this game be voice controlled? Was there an AI system inside? Like Siri?

Suxi soon turned her attention to the young man again.

The main character of the game was called Lu Huan. There were two lines under it, one was the lifeline and the other was the physical strength line.

Obviously, the physical strength of the little game player was running out, and the lines had turned pale at 10%.

Moreover, as the little game character kept busy working, his physical strength continued to decline.

Suxi was still scared at first, afraid that his physical strength would drop to zero in the next second, and then he would die. But unexpectedly, although he had so little physical strength left, he persevered for a long time.

He continued to climb up the roof to repair it.

Then he went out again, but Suxi was unable to unlock other maps for the time being. All she could see was this hut, so she didn’t know where he had gone, but when she saw him coming back, the clothes on his back seemed to be torn, and there were two more marks similar to those on his arms. His steps faltered, in a word, it seemed very messy.

According to the brief introduction of the game, Suxi guessed that Lu Huan was the bastard son in the Ning wangfu. He was despised by others. Her main task was to work with him to achieve the emperor’s dominance.

However, Suxi was still at a loss as to what had happened to him and how to play the game.

The time in the game seemed to flow faster than the reality, and it got dark in a twinkling of an eye.

Suxi saw that the little game player was still busy, and the game interface could not be poked anywhere, so she felt a little bored. At the right moment, the nurse called her for lunch, so she dropped her mobile phone and limped to the hospital canteen.

The food in the hospital was delicious. Suxi ate two bowls of rice and came back to take a nap. When she woke up, she saw that her cell phone was still on, which reminded her of the game.

She was already bored and planned to delete the junk game, but suddenly….

She saw that it was already late at night in the game, and the villain who had been busy during the day was lying motionless on that hardboard bed, the thin quilt could not stop the cold wind, and the door panel was creaking loudly.

 Why didn’t he move—?

Suxi poked him, but he turned over, his skin paler than during the day, he looked pale.

What happened?

No way, what a spicy game, showing the protagonist sleeping to me?

  However, Suxi soon found out why. Only 30% was left in the upper left corner of the life bar, while the physical bar dropped from 10% during the day to 1%, close to none.

Suxi immediately panicked.

Was the little game player sick?  Had a fever? !

How could he not get sick when he was so tired and restless during the day and still did so much work while wet?

Suxi suddenly felt that the spicy game was quite logical. She watched the life line in the upper left corner become smaller and smaller. She was a little anxious. Before she started playing, the main character was going to die. The little prince was too delicate!!

She couldn’t help poking left and poking right, trying to see if there was any hidden cold medicine or something, but rummaging around the room, she found nothing but two shabby faded thin white robes in the wardrobe.

The prince was too….poor.

Suxi fell silent, clicked on the map and tried to look elsewhere, but in the morning, the map had not been unlocked. However, there was a bright light, which should be the courtyard that had been unlocked.

She quickly opened it and found that it was a small bridge, flowing water, rockery and winding corridor, and a very unique rich courtyard, which was completely different from the woodshed where the young man lived.  Candlelit lanterns were very bright in the courtyard, and there was a conversation between two servants.

“That dog, the second master taught him a lesson during the day! Isn’t he a sick ghost? Let him enter the cold and bitter pool, swallow bubbles, and die earlier, which is also a merit!”

“I say, take it easy, although this bastard is a bastard, but look at his fierce resistance to the butler’s whipping today, I am afraid he will change his fortune in future.”

“Change fortune, him?  Bah, I don’t think he can change fortunes in his life! “

  Large chunks of text emerged on the interface. Suxi’s face twitched. What the hell were these two gossiping servants?  It turned out that the main character was wet today and almost got a fever, which was caused by them.

If her game character died, she blamed them!

Suxi was indignant and wanted to poke at the two men, but the map had not been unlocked. She could not see and had to go back to the woodshed bitterly.

After hearing the two men playing tricks on the main character and belittling him, Suxi went back to see the little game player lying on the bed with his face as white as paper. She curled up her limbs and shrank into the corner of the wall because of the cold, as if she had lost consciousness. Her heart felt a little pity and guilt for her little game player.

According to the principle, she should take good care of the little game player during the day, and there should be some hidden ways to prevent him from continuing to work so that he would not get sick and have a fever.

Out of guilt, Suxi went on rummaging around the house for medicine.

  But she still couldn’t find it.

She couldn’t help poking at the little man again.

Just then, a white bubble appeared on the top of her little man’s head.


Lu Huan called out with dry and pale lips, because his throat was burning with fever.

He reluctantly opened his eyes and pressed the back of his hand against his eyes. After a while, he tried his best to support himself and sat up. When he got out of bed, he was exhausted and fell down at once.

  Suxi tried to help, but her finger poked at the little man’s back, and instead he fell back down.

She: “…”

Suxi did not dare to move again, and the little game player obviously did not know that there was an external force, but only thought that he was sick and weak.

He got up and staggered to the windowsill.

The interface popped up: “Do you want to use 3 gold coins for water storage?”

Suxi was furious and crossed out the interface, she could find it.

Water, water, water! Pour water quickly! Knowing that this was a task, she hurriedly looked for water in the room. Fortunately, she still remembered that Lu Huan had carried water during the day. Sure enough, there was only a bucket in the corner and the teapot on the windowsill was empty. She tried to drag the bucket-

The horizontal slot, drag!

Suxi was delighted and felt that she was about to find the way to play the game, so she dragged the bucket to the edge of the teapot and poured water into it.

The moment the water was poured into it, a message popped up:

“Congratulations on getting 5 gold coins, because the task is relatively simple, you  get 0 points reward. Please continue to make persistent efforts to assist the protagonist in his journey to become emperor from five aspects: skills, interpersonal relationship, external, physical quality and main line. 10 reward points can be exchanged for one koi. “

What reward?


Suxi didn’t take it to heart at this time, thinking it was just a spun yarn of the game.

She was still thinking about the problem of water.

Although it was cold water, it should be the water fetched by Lu Huan during the day. It could be drunk, but it was a little bit iced.

But letting the sick youth drink ice water, how pitiful was that.

Suxi was wondering how to boil hot water in this game, Lu Huan was dazed. He picked up the crude teapot, drank two drinks, relieving the heat in his throat, then slowly put the teapot back to its original position.

 What was happening?

Lu Huan stared doubtfully at his teapot.

He clearly remembered that he was tired after coming back from the mountain three miles away because of the difficulties caused by Liu Wenxiu. He laid down and rested for a while, but did not pour water into the teapot.

But now, how could there be water in the teapot?



Ning Wanfu is prince’s mansion

Koi basically means someone who wins in life without really trying, thanks to sheer luck.

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High Energy QR Code– C1-QR Code

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In the dead night of late autumn, Xing Ye stood beside the transparent coffin, with five fingers firmly clasped at the edge of the coffin. His right hand turned blue from the cold air, but he didn’t feel it.

He stared at the face in the coffin. He looked like Xing Ye, but was softer than the otherwise cold man.

Xing Shuo, like his appearance, was a man of gentle character who was very tolerant of people and things.

He was Xing Ye’s younger brother, five years younger than Xing Ye. He was only 24 this year, but he was already lying in the cold coffin. In the empty hall, Xing Ye was the only one holding the vigil.

Since their parents died unexpectedly nine years ago, Xing Shuo and Xing Ye had lived together and were the only family members of each other.

Now, Xing Shuo had left him.

When hearing the news of Xing Shuo’s death, Xing Ye, who was abroad, could not believe that his young and healthy brother had passed away.

He immediately handed over his work to his subordinates and asked for an investigation into the cause of Xing Shuo’s death as the only relative of the deceased when he returned home. But whether the police or the hospital, the answer was only one – sudden cardiac arrest.

At present, Xing Shuo was preparing his master’s thesis in Beijing University. He was in the library every day and had never had a grudge with others. However, the comprehensive autopsy report of forensic medicine also excluded drug factors, and the cause of death was indeed acute myocardial infarction.

“A lot of people who die suddenly usually behave very healthily, without any abnormal conditions. Mr. Xing Ye, I understand your mood, but Xing Shuo’s death is indeed a normal death, and there is no human factor.”

The police’s answer echoed in Xing Ye’s mind. He reached out his frozen hand and gently touched Xing Shuo’s face. Under the skillful hand of the undertaker, Xing Shuo smiled like he was alive, as if he was having a very beautiful dream.

Xing Ye turned his face away and looked up at the stars outside the window, fearing that his tears would fall on his brother’s body.

From now on, he would be alone.

Stars never knew the sorrow of the world. No matter how sad human beings were, they still stayed bright. Xing Ye looked for a moment and felt dizzy. He wrapped up his expensive coat and sat on the chair prepared by the mourning hall.

The rustle of fallen leaves in the autumn wind caused Xing Ye, who had not slept for three days, to sink into deep sleep.

In the dream, he vaguely returned to his last meeting with Xing Shuo. At that time, Xing Ye was about to go abroad when Xing Shuo stopped him with his mobile phone: “Brother …”

Standing in front of the door Xing Ye looked back at him.

Xing Shuo’s mobile phone screen was on, and he smiled as usual: “Have a nice trip.”

“I hope you’ve passed your master’s thesis when I come back.” Xing Ye, as always, maintained a dignified and powerful image in front of his younger brother, and left in a hurry after ordering him to study.

From then on, heaven and man separated.

 When a cold wind blew, Xing Ye suddenly opened his eyes and his watch showed it was 01:30.

He seldom dreamt, even if he did, he never could remember the content. But the dream just now seemed to reappear, and every little move of Xing Shuo in the dream was vividly remembered.

In the dream, Xing Shuo’s left hand scratched his pants line gently. Xing Ye, who was anxious to go out, did not notice it. At this time, the detail reappeared in his sleep.

Since childhood, Xing Shuo had made such small movements when he wanted to discuss something with him but dared not speak.

At that time, Xing Shuo did not want to say goodbye to him, but had something to say, but he was in a hurry to leave. He hesitated and did not mention it. Xing Ye secretly thought, carefully remembering each action he made.

  He was wearing a dark gray sweater, black slacks, his left hand squeezed his trouser, while his right hand held his mobile phone, the screen of the mobile phone was bright, the picture was……

A black and white QR code!

  Recalling this picture, Xing Ye realizes that at that time, Xing Shuo clicked on the QR code picture in his mobile phone to discuss something with him.

He immediately picked up the briefcase he had left in the corner at random, took out the notebook that recorded important work, and took out his signature pen, depicting the two-dimensional code in memory bit by bit.

Xing Ye had a simple painting foundation. The notebook page was a small square grid. As long as the corresponding grid was shaded according to the proportion, the QR code could be replicated.

Xing Ye had a good memory since he was a child. When he was a college student, he even took a shorthand class. Even if he couldn’t remember everything, it was almost the same.

After carefully painting the last stroke, Xing Ye looked back and made sure that the two-dimensional code he drew was consistent with the one he remembered. Then he took out his mobile phone and pointed to scan, aiming at the two-dimensional code.

With the sound “Didi”, a black-and-white page that had never been seen appeared on the screen of the mobile phone. There was a dialog box in the interface: Player Xing Shuo invites you to participate in the game challenging your destiny, do you accept it? Yes / no

Was Xing Shuo still playing hand games in the critical period of preparing his master’s thesis? It was unlikely, and he would not discuss a game with him.

The so-called “Game of challenging fate” was definitely not a simple game, it had deep meanings. But nothing ventured and nothing gained, Xing Ye did not hesitate and directly clicked “Yes”.

At the moment when his fingers touched the screen, Xing Ye was surprised to find that his arm had become black and white, and was no longer a three-dimensional, spatial, but a flat pattern.

Next, Xing Ye’s whole body and even the whole space became flat. After a while of twists and turns, he entered a space that was only black and white.

  The entire space seemed to have no boundaries, and it seemed to have less than ten square meters of active area. The black and white squares were crowded together, creating a very uncomfortable space. It continued to extend to an unknown distance, and there was no end.

However, the area where Xing Yue could move was very small. He tried to walk towards the end of the black and white space, but he was blocked by an invisible barrier.

 ”Welcome to the two-dimensional world, three-dimensional intelligent creature Xing Ye.” A black-and-white third-order Rubik cube flew out of the square and floated in the air. It had no mouth, but it could talk to Xing Ye. It sounded like his brother Xing Shuo’s voice echoing in the space.

Xing Ye looked at the black and white cube quietly, without panic, surprise or question.

“Very calm,” the nine squares on the left side of the black and white cube rotated at 90 degrees, “Blood pressure 116-78, heart rate 68, you are really not afraid, rather than pretending to be calm.”

 ”Since i’m already here, i have to be calm.” Xing Ye spoke slowly.

“That can’t be without curiosity, can it?” The black-and-white Rubik’s cube’s grid flitted around, “There are many people who don’t have fear, but they also have other emotions, excitement, surprise, delusion. .. many, many, many, not like you. “

“It is probably because my heart is dying and I am not interested in anything. This space is indeed beyond my understanding of the real world, but so what?” Could Xing Shuo be brought to life? Xing Ye secretly thought in his heart.

“oh? Is it?” The black-and-white Rubik Cube stopped rotating, and the pattern fixed in front of Xing Ye looked like a mouth with a malicious smile. “I still observed that you tried your best to suppress a sentiment called “sadness” because of this person? “

The black and white walls began to change and slowly turned into a face. Xing Shuo’s face was outlined with black lines.

Xing Ye took a deep breath to keep his voice calm: “I only entered the world after scanning the two-dimensional code in his mobile phone.”

He did not ask whether Xing Shuo’s death was related to this strange black-and-white space. Xing Ye knew very well that when negotiating, he should not reveal his weaknesses in order to avoid being caught by the other party and his emotions being manipulated.

He didn’t know anything about this world now. He needed to keep calm as much as possible in order to observe, collect and analyze with a calm heart.

The black-and-white Rubik’s Cube revolved around Xing Ye several times. The positive pattern constantly showed Xing Ye’s body data, heartbeat, blood pressure, respiration and mood fluctuation. Xing Ye watched it with a straight face and was not moved by its detection ability.

“What a watertight person.” After saying this, the black-and-white Rubik’s cube stopped turning around, and its voice changed from a relaxed male voice similar to that of college students to Xing Ye’s mature and deep voice.

“Player Xing Ye, scanned the personal information of player Xing Shuo numbered S7903 to enter the two-dimensional code world, please select the camp according to the regulations.” While the black-and-white Rubik’s cube talked, two options emerged.

A. people blessed by fate.

B. people opposing fate.

Xing Ye had no immediate choice, and he was still confused about it, but asked: “Won’t you explain to the new players? Do players have no right to know?”

“Is there a right to choose your parents when you are born? Living in the world, is there a right to choose between being a man and a woman? At the end of life, is there a right to control death?” The Black and white Rubik’s Cube, with Xing Ye’s voice, said darkly, “You clicked on the game option on your phone, like a baby falling to the ground, and even though the road was full of thorns, mustn’t you go on?”

“Yes.” Xing Ye nodded, “Entering this space, I should have thought that this is beyond the scope of human cognition and is not bound by existing laws and morals.”

He looked up at the two options for a while and could not see any clues from the content. Literally speaking, it should be relatively easier to be favored by fate.

Unfortunately, he had never been favored by fate since his birth.

Xing Ye’s mind flashed to his brother’s quiet face in the coffin: “I choose B.”

 ”Once chosen, you cannot repent. Are you sure?” The Black and White cube asked.

“OK.” Said Xing Ye without hesitation.

A line appears on the black cube:

Player X8205 joined the Anti-Fate camp

Camp Fixed attribute: Lucky value 1%

Personal initial skill: Eye of impression, redraw pen (generated according to player’s initial attribute, unlocked)

Personal initial score: 100

Initial world: Rewriting the ending

The line quickly turned into a black-and-white two-dimensional code, which also appeared on Xing Ye’s mobile phone.

At this time Xing Ye discovered that his silver-gray mobile phone had become half black and half white, like a clear division of factions.

“Friendly reminder, the lucky value of option A is 99%,” said the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube. “If the dice is bigger than the size, 99 out of 100 people in the pro-life camp will throw it at 6 o’clock, while those in the anti-life camp will only have one chance, and fate will always look after his family, do not regret it later? 

“There is no need to regret it. Since you have chosen, you must go on with determination and not withdraw.”

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