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High Energy QR Code — 2

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So-called lucky!

In this different space, his mobile phone did not have a network, but the scanning function could still be used.

Xing Ye secretly remembered his two-dimensional code pattern, scanned it with his mobile phone, and a plain text interface popped up. The text content was the personal information indicated on the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube.

Two-dimensional codes were mainly used for information, links, advertisements, push, payment and other aspects in life. Text information could store up to 400 or 500 words. The two-dimensional codes generated in his mobile phone were the basic information of players in this different space, while those in real life were more similar to links.

At present, Xing Ye could only speculate about these things. As to what world this was and whether the death of his younger brother was related to this world, he still needed to participate in the game to investigate slowly.

He never believed that his younger brother Xing Shuo died of natural causes. His intuition told him that he could find out the truth here.

In this case, it was necessary to actively participate in the game. Xing Ye turned his eyes from the mobile phone screen to the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube and asked, “Did you just mention the camp, which means the game to be played is PVP mode? “

The black-and-white Rubik’s cube replied: “Yes, all the worlds are war mode. According to the principle of protecting new people, the first world is generally a primary world, with a limit of 4 participants.”

The black and white Rubik’s cube didn’t let XingYe ask anymore questions, a few lines of words appeared:

Game Content: Rewrite the Set End

Player Role: Executor

Number of participants: 3 from the pro-fate camp and 1 from the anti-fate camp

Winning method: players are divided into manipulator and executor. The manipulator designs the ending of the story, and the executor is the main character of the story. If the ending of the story is the ending first set by the manipulator, the manipulator wins, and vice versa.

Reward and punishment content: The victorious camp each gets 100 points, the points of the defeated camp will be deducted by 50%, the victorious camp can get a special two-dimensional code card.

Note: The number of participants and the position of the camp are randomly selected. If you have any objection, complain about your lucky value.

Xing Ye only had time to read the basic information, his body was pulled away from the black and white space by a strong force, and there was a countdown of 3,2,1 in his mind. When he regained consciousness again, he was in a village he had never seen before.

The scenery here was very good, with lush trees and fresh air, which was better than the air that Xing Ye was used to.

However, the houses were crude and the residents were few. The farm tools in Xing Ye’s yard were extremely old fashioned, which seemed to exist in the low productivity farming era.

The door of the wooden house was open and there was no sign of other people living. He should be living alone.

Xing Ye walked into the shabby but very clean house. After walking around, he realized for the first time what it meant to have “a room with four walls”.

The whole room only had a number of wooden pots and buckets, a bed made of Zhang Qian grass, and half a piece of dry black bread on the bed head.

After confirming that the surrounding environment could be called safe for the time being, Xing ye began to check his own materials. The mobile phone disappeared and a half black-half white bracelet on his wrist replaced it. Now he didn’t look like someone rich enough to wear a bracelet. Something was definitely wrong with this jewelry.

Xing Ye carefully looked at the bracelet, indeed as expected, he found a transparent button, he clicked on it and a panel appeared.

Only two icons were lit on the panel, and Xing Ye pressed the first “story background” icon.

A voice suddenly appeared in his mind: “Long, long ago, there was a beautiful queen. She was the most beautiful woman in the country. Everyone who saw her thought she was so beautiful that they couldn’t help but lower their heads and they couldn’t look straight at her beautiful face.

It was a pity that heaven was so stingy and refused to let such beauty stay on earth. The queen was blinded in one eye by a bear during a hunt. After recovering from the injury, she desperately found that half of her injured face had become distorted and ugly.

Since then, every time the queen saw the mirror, she would scream hysterically and hurt herself crazily. She could not accept her ugliness and broke all the mirrors in the palace and even the whole country.

Neither aristocrats nor civilians were allowed to have mirrors. Anyone found hiding mirrors in private by the army would be executed.

Claire, a civilian girl, had never looked in the mirror or seen her face. When she learned from the story of the old man at the mouth of the village that there used to be such a magical existence as a mirror in this country, she very much hoped to have a mirror of her own. 

Xing Ye: “…”

He had been trying his best to ignore the strange feeling on his chest since the environment changed. He had not even looked down at his body and clothes. He only thought that the heavy feeling in his chest was a lump. However, when he heard that the protagonist of the story was a girl, he could not continue to deceive himself.

Xing Ye didn’t confirm the sex of the body. After recalling the background silently, he clicked on the second icon -task prompt.

The voice still reverberated in his mind: “Task 1: Players need to maintain their character settings and cannot be suspected of their true identity by NPC; Task 2: Prevent the three endings set by the manipulator (the endings have been set at the beginning of the story, and the manipulator cannot be changed during the process). “

Even as calm as Xing Ye was, after hearing the content of his task, he felt weak in his legs and feet and it was hard for him to keep standing. He sat on the hay bed with his palm against his forehead and felt that he needed to be quiet.

Xing Ye did not think too much when choosing the anti-fate camp. He made a decision according to his usual habits.

In his view, there was no free lunch in the world, the free was the most expensive, there were traps hidden behind all the gains without pains, the so-called lucky value was an illusion, only the things that could be controlled in his palm could make him feel at ease.

He expected that option B would be relatively difficult, but he did not expect the gap to be so wide.

The first was the number of contestants, which was limited to a 4-person PVP model. Generally speaking, it should be 2V2. However, the number of contestants were randomly selected by the system. The lucky value below the lower limit made him face the situation of 1V3.

He didn’t know the identity, purpose and thinking mode of the manipulator, and couldn’t guess what the other three had decided. He wanted to avoid the three outcomes without knowing anything.

This was not the most difficult thing. What bothered Xing Ye the most was that he had to play a medieval girl who loved beauty and could not be discovered by other NPCs.

Thinking of it, Xing Ye couldn’t help touching an important and indescribable part. The symbol of male under the grey cloth skirt still existed, which made him both relieved and burdened.

The joy was that he didn’t really become a woman, but only had more body parts. The worry was that it was too likely for him to be discovered. It was better not to have it completely.

It could be said that he was facing a losing situation.

With his back against a wooden wall, Xing Ye closed his eyes and recalled the wonderful experience from waking up in his dream to entering the game world.

When you think you have reached an impasse, you may as well calm down and think things over again, perhaps there will be a new harvest.

Regardless of what the two-dimensional code and the black-and-white Rubik’s Cube were, this was obviously beyond human cognition. Forcibly exploring them would only be a waste of brain cells.

Xing Ye decided to simply analyze the settings from the perspective of the virtual game, starting with the name.

The name only appeared once, which was the dialog box that popped up when he scanned the redrawn two-dimensional code  -player Xing Shuo invited you to participate in the game of challenging your fate. Do you accept it?

“Challenging fate?” Xing Ye whispered to himself, “In other words, the purpose of this game is to make players fight against fate, and why is there option A-the one who is favored by fate?”

According to the name analysis alone, this should be a PVE battle mode in which all players and the game system were fated. Now it must be PVP.

Xing Ye realized, “Apart from luck, the so-called being favored by fate should also have a hidden condition, that is, not to violate the arrangement of fate. My mission requirement is not to be doubted by others about my true identity. In other words, as long as all the changes that have taken place in me are reasonable, it is also possible for a village woman to change into a queen, because I am an anti-fate camp and I do not recognize the identity of a civilian girl that fate has arranged for me.

But if you accept what fate has given you, then in this environment that looks like the medieval background, aristocrats are nobles, slaves are slaves, and players are powerful and cannot make any changes. “

I am free, Xing Ye thought secretly.

Just after smoothing some thoughts, he heard a knock at the door. A young female voice came from outside: “Claire, are you at home? We have an appointment to go to the riverside to wash clothes.”

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