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I Raised A Sick And Weak Prince– C2

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She didn’t know what he thought of. Lu Huan’s face suddenly became ugly. He was pale. He picked up the teapot and pushed open the wood door and went out.

The crumbling wooden door could not resist the cold wind. The snow immediately poured into the house and scattered on the shabby bed.

But he didn’t care too much. He went out, holding the teapot, and stopped at a part of the courtyard wall.

The cold wind rustled his thin clothes.

Suxi looked at the game character’s actions with wonder. What was the situation? Why did he drink water and suddenly run out of the yard?

Wasn’t it cold?

Can you go back quickly?! I managed to help you build up your strength. You’re going to toss it out. Hello!

But she saw the little game player reaching out to look in the snow, and suddenly he found a few bugs that looked like stink bugs.

He poured the water from the teapot on the ground and threw the insects in.

Then went to see the reaction of those insects.

He saw the insects struggling desperately in the water, but soon they swam out, ignoring the water on their bodies, and hid in the ground, not dead.

 Although the game character made no further movement, Suxi could obviously feel his relief.

The white air he exhaled congealed into frost, then he wiped his face wearily, and turned back to the woodshed.

Suxi :….

Suxi understood that the game character was afraid that the water in the teapot was poisoned. He just drank it directly when his brain was in a daze. After drinking it, he woke up and became pale. He threw several small insects into the water. When he saw that the insects were not dead, he was relieved.

——Should he be so smart?!

For a moment, Suxi’s scalp went numb. When she downloaded the game, she thought that the game was poorly made. However, she never thought that the characters reacted so vividly. It was not like a drawn character at all!

But she saw the game character after he returned to the woodshed and firmly closed the door.

 His face was bloodless and he looked ill. He stood by the window sill, put the teapot back and looked at it for a moment.

  Lu Huan still felt unstable and heavy in his mind, as if he was on fire.

  He did wonder,  he had never poured water into the teapot, but why was there water in the teapot – did he forget that he poured it yesterday?

It was because of that he was confused.

However, the water was not poisoned and laxatives were not used to make fun of him.

Lu Huan’s dark eyes flashed with imperceptible coldness. He frowned and held the wall as he walked back to the bed.

Seeing that he finally laid back on the bed, Suxi was relieved. As long as he laid down, he would not lose his strength and would recover.

However, Suxi watched the young man curl up into a ball under a thin quilt on the screen, but she was curious and slightly sad. What was he going through and why was he so alert?

She started the game just to pass the time, directly skipped the previous opening animation, that was, the childhood experience of the character.

But now there were some mysteries. Anyway, she was also idle. While the game character slept, Suxi couldn’t help turning back to watch the opening animation.

At the beginning, the life experience of the game character was not shown. She thought his life experience would be decrypted later, but since the system said that the real identity of the game character was the prince, then he must be the prince left behind. She just didn’t know how he became the bastard of the Ning Wangfu.

The animation scenes switched very fast, but Suxi still saw from the few scenes that the thin young man’s life had been full of suffering.

The palace wall of the Ning Wangfu was deep, and the mistress said  nothing, but he was short of clothes and food all year round, and Lu Huan was mistreated.

The boy grew up, unable to eat or sleep properly, like hiding in a dark sewer. He could only secretly help the servants under him to do some hard work in exchange for some dry food.

Lu Wenxiu, the second young master of the     Ning Wangfu, was the most arrogant and vicious. He often ordered servants to tease Lu Huan and humiliate him. If Lu Huan made a mistake and offended him, he would get more than a dozen whiplashes . As a result, over the years, he had been branded with countless marks.

However, Lu Yu ‘an, the eldest son of the Ning Wangfu, was honest and righteous on the surface, but in fact he was hypocritical. Like Ning Wang, he turned a blind eye to these things.

In addition, the Ning Wangfu had an aunt with a daughter, who was weak and incompetent. She was also bullied. On the contrary, she needed Lu Huan for help.

Several pictures flew by. Suxi’s player was either covered in blood or gnashing his teeth.

Suxi felt a little uncomfortable and couldn’t bear to watch it. Perhaps the game was so lifelike that she felt like there was a real protagonist who was stranded in Ning Wangfu, tortured and waiting for one day to take over the throne and become the emperor.

But fortunately, it was just a game, and Suxi looked at the game protagonist again- the cold wind outside the wooden door blew hard. Fortunately, it was just a game, otherwise the real people would surely freeze to death in such a bad place.

However, what else could she do?

Suxi looked, and with the reward just given, she still had 13 gold coins.

A message popped up: “The protagonist is extremely short of material at present. I suggest you start by changing his material conditions.”

Suxi: “All right, all right. It’s nothing for me to improve him a little.”

As she finished speaking, the mall popped up  immediately.

In the first row, there were all kinds of royal robes and jade robes. The first one was made of fox fur. The gold rimmed pattern looked very luxurious at a glance. The price below was 13000 gold coins.

The system said, “It’s only 130 yuan converted to RMB.”

Suxi: …..

“Good-bye, just pretend as if i didn’t say that just now, let the poor thing continue to freeze.”

“…” The system seemed to be a bit speechless and drew the page back for Suxi.

The price of the last piece called “ordinary warm robe without holes” was 30 gold coins.

“It only takes 30 gold coins, which is only 30 cents in RMB. These days, you have to pay 15 yuan for a cup of milk tea.”

The system tried its best to hint, but Suxi seemed to be completely unable to see its hint and ruthlessly scrolled straight down the mall.

Just kidding, she didn’t get her pocket money from the strong wind. How could money  be used in a game casually? It was just a game, okay? She won’t lose her mind!

    At last, Suxi scrolled and chose from the mall——”Repair the leaking wood door with straws” and “replace the thinnest and useless quilt with a very thin one that can barely keep warm”. 

The former consumed 8 gold coins, while the latter consumed 5 gold coins. In total, 13 gold coins given by the system at the time of registration and the reward gold coins for pouring the water could be spent cleanly.

The system seemed to have nothing to say about Suxi’s choices. After she chose, she closed the mall.

 The villain in the game was still sleeping and knew nothing about the world outside the game.Suxi listlessly looked at the way he slept for a while. 

She was curious about his reaction after he woke up. 

After all, the game was so lifelike, and his reactions would be very interesting. But for a while, before the little man woke up, Suxi turned off her cell phone and got up to do leg rehabilitation with the nurse.

    After the rehabilitation, Suxi’s classmates came to visit her after school with their homework. When she saw the homework, Suxi lamented then did the homework with several people for a while. Then they chatted and laughed while eating snacks. For a while, the game was temporarily forgotten.


Suxi was using the air conditioner and wearing airpods to chat with her classmates, while the shabby wood house was freezing from dark to dawn.

Lu Huan slept a little heavily because of the fever. When he woke up, his back was covered with cold  sweat.

    He closed his eyes, raised his hand and wiped his forehead. 

He felt there was no more fever, and finally he was relieved. His body and bones had always been cheap. It was better to sleep if he was in any pain. 

But his mouth was still dry.

He sat up from the hard bed.

A few servants outside the gate seemed to realize that Lu Huan woke up late. They shouted rudely outside the door: “I really don’t think of myself as a master, and I can’t afford to be late in the morning.”

Another said, “It’s a pity that you have a young master’s mind but not his life.”

Lu Huan’s eyes showed boredom and apathy and he ignored them. He lifted the quilt and was about to get out of bed, but when his finger touched the quilt, he suddenly froze, and his eyes flashed with a trace of wonder-

This quilt has obviously thickened, as if someone had filled it overnight while he was asleep.

Was it his delusion?

It was the same as last night’s teapot. At the same time, Lu Huan also felt something wrong. It seemed that it was not so cold today, and there was a lot less cold wind seeping in.

 He subconsciously looked at the door and windows, but saw that the old wood door was wrapped closely by straws when he wasn’t aware. In this way, the gap that could let the cold wind in would be greatly reduced. Did someone break into his room last night?! Lu Huan became alert and jumped off the bed.

    Did someone break into his room last night?! 

Lu Huan was alert and jumped off the bed. Naturally, he would not feel that any one in the Ning palace would show kindness to himself.

His head was still a little dizzy and his lips were white, but he managed to stand still, he lifted the quilt from the bed and shook it.

He looked cold and fierce, as he tried to shake off the stiffness of his limbs.

    However, after shaking for a while, nothing fell out. Instead, several pieces of cotton wool fell out from the obviously filled quilt. 

Although it was not soft and comfortable, it was clean. Moreover, it was much warmer than before. How could that be?

Lu Huan couldn’t help being stunned for a moment.

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